essential safety mearures in buildings n.
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  2. Essential Services Legislation 13 June 2009 Field Inspection to determine what essential service element were installed Maintenance Schedule Prepare maintenance report and logbook Prepare annual report by 14 June each year Step 1 - Inspection of essential services to standard and time inc filling out log book Update when required Step 2 - Carry out works where applicable Step 3 - Sign off log book for repaired/replaced items Repeat of steps 1 2 & 3

  3. ESSENTIAL SAFETY MEASURE LEGISLATION Essential Services compliance is a statutory obligation for building owners, managers and agents in Australia today. Routine maintenance and safety inspections are required to ensure that essential safety measures operate as required throughout the life of the building. FAILURE TO COMPLY exposes building owners, executives and body corporate.

  4. WHAT ARE ESSENTIAL SERVICES ? Essential services are the fire and fire safety measures required in buildings to help save lives in the event of fire or other emergencies. • There are some 45 essential safety measures and these include:- • Emergency lighting and illuminated exit signs • Fire extinguishers (portable) • Paths of travel • Smoke alarms

  5. WHY THEY NEED TO BE MAINTAINED • Essential services require routine maintenance and testing to ensure that they operate properly. Failure to service can be due to a number of reasons including:- • General wear and tear • Equipment faults • Changes to systems • Equipment damage • General house keeping

  6. WHO CAN MAINTAIN ESSENTIAL SERVICES Depends on the complexity of the service maintenance can be carried out by a competent person. A competent person is a person who has acquired knowledge, skills through training, qualification or experience which would enable them to carry out such inspection and maintenance. Building owners may delegate this function where necessary or appropriate. • Example:- where owner or delegate may do maintenance check on paths of travel to exits. • Ensure no obstructions of any nature has encroached on or into the designated path of travel • Check that the integrity of the fire isolation requirements on or in the relevant section of the path of travel have not been breached or compromised. • Check that no unauthorised alteration has been carried out.

  7. Name of building: Name of owner: Address: Level of performance and frequency of maintenance (as specified on occupancy permit)

  8. WHAT OWNERS NEED TO DO • Ensure that:- • Essential Services are correctly identified in a maintenance schedule • Hard copy of records (log books) of the maintenance are kept on the premises • Annual report has been prepared.

  9. Annual Essential Safety Measures Report Building Act 1993 Building Regulations 2006 REGULATION 1209 & 1215: ANNUAL ESSENTIAL SAFETY MEASURES REPORT Property Address:_________________________________________________ Building/s or part of building:_________________________________________ Classification of building/s or part of building:____________________________ PART A – Post July 1994 Building This part of report is in relation to occupancy permit no:___________ issued ____________________ or maintenance determination dated:____________ and is required to be prepared before each anniversary of the date of that occupancy permit or maintenance determination. Maintenance personnel details The following personnel carried out maintenance on the essential safety measures in this building the preceding 12 months.

  10. PART B – All Buildings (pre and post July 1994 Buildings) • Details of any inspection report provided under section 227E of the Building Act 1993’ and • Compliance • I hereby state that I have */the owner has * taken all reasonable steps to ensure that • *Delete as applicable • Each essential safety measure is operating at the required level of performance or to fulfil its purpose, and • Where applicable each essential safety measure has been maintained in accordance with the occupancy permit or maintenance determination and will fulfil its purpose, and • Since the last annual essential safety measures report there have been no penetrations to require fire-resisting construction, smoke curtains and the like in the building, other than those for which a building permit has been issued, and • Since the last annual essential safety measures report there have been no changes to materials or assemblies that must comply with particular fire hazard properties, other than those for which a building permit has been issued, and • The information contained in this report is correct. Signature Owner/agent of owner* * delete if inapplicable Signed: Date: _________________________ _____________ • Notes: • The owner must ensure that this annual essential safety measures report and records of maintenance checks, service and repair work are available on the premises for inspection by the municipal building surveyor or chief officer after 24 hours notice. The penalty for non-compliance is a maximum of 10 penalty units. • Section 227E of the Building Act 1993 provides the power for the chief officer and municipal building surveyor to inspect essential safety measures. • Under section 240 and 248 (1) of the Building Act 1993 an agent of the owner must have written authority from the owner to act as their agent. Also note the general rules of “Agency” also apply.

  11. ENFORCEMENT Enforcement of the regulations is by the Municipal Building Surveyor and / or the Chief Officer of the CFA These officers are authorised to audit premises for compliance and prosecute where necessary. Fines up to $10,000 for individuals and $50,000 for companies or body corporate.

  12. RISKS • The risks associated with non compliance includes:- • Criminal Prosecution • Civil proceedings • Insurance liability • Business risks – closure of building or cancellation of operating licence

  13. HOW TO COMPLY • Employ the services of either:- • Municipal Building Surveyor • Private Building Surveyor • Who can set up essential service schedules, logbook and annual report documentation. • There are a number of soft ware packages available that assist in meeting your statutory obligations.