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Types of Interviews

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Types of Interviews - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Types of Interviews. Chapter 7. Types of Interviews. Investigative interviews Survey interviews Diagnostic interviews Research interviews Exit interviews. Interviews. Investigative-”What happened?” Survey-used for research to sample large groups of people

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types of interviews1
Types of Interviews
  • Investigative interviews
  • Survey interviews
  • Diagnostic interviews
  • Research interviews
  • Exit interviews
  • Investigative-”What happened?”
  • Survey-used for research to sample large groups of people
  • Diagnostic-used in health care, law, counseling & other areas to assess and treat clients
  • Research-turn up information that can help individuals and organizations perform more effectively
  • Exit-help organizations understand why people are leaving
general approach to interviews
General Approach to Interviews
  • Collect background information
  • Define interview goals and questions
  • Choose the right interviewee
career research interview
Career Research Interview
  • A special kind of informational interview in which an you meet with someone who can provide information that will help you define and achieve your career goals.
career research interview1
Career Research Interview
  • Use personal contacts
  • Choose interviewees that can help
  • Contact interviewees either by letter or phone
  • Follow up and express thanks
  • Gatekeepers are personal assistants, receptionists, secretaries, etc.
  • How to get through Gatekeepers
    • Make first request in writing
    • Phone early or late
    • Enlist gatekeepers as allies
    • Be flexible
employment interview
Employment Interview
  • Designed to explore how well a candidate might fit a job.
    • This works both ways:
      • Does the company want to hire you?
      • Do you want to work for the company?
pre interview steps
Pre-Interview Steps
  • Conduct background research
  • Contact potential employers
    • Scannableresumes
  • Prepare for possible interview formats
  • Think constructively
  • Dress appropriately & act professionally
interview formats
Interview formats
  • Panel interview-candidate is questioned by several people
  • Stress interview-evaluates your behavior under pressure
  • Audition interview-demonstration of the skills the employer is looking for
  • Behavioral interview-explores past accomplishments of the candidate
during the interview
During the Interview
  • Anticipate key questions
    • Educational background
    • Work experience
    • Career goals
    • Personal traits
    • Knowledge of organization and job
    • Table 7-2 pages 202 & 203
during the interview1
During the Interview
  • Respond to the employer’s needs and concerns
  • Be honest
  • Emphasize the positive
  • Back up answers with evidence
  • Keep answers brief
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Have your own questions answered
rehearsing an interview
Rehearsing an Interview
  • Use pre-interview research to identify the nature of the job you are seeking
  • Draft a series of questions that explore the job description you have created
  • Think about how you would answer each question
  • Role-play the interview using a friend to help
post interview follow up
Post-interview follow-up
  • Send a thank you letter immediately
    • Demonstrates common courtesy
    • Reminds the employer of you
    • Gives you the chance to remind the interviewer of important information
    • Tactfully reminds interviewer of promises made
    • Can correct any misunderstandings
interviewing and the law
Interviewing and the Law
  • The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) permits that only questions regarding a bona fide occupational qualification be asked in an interview.
interviewing and the law1
Interviewing and the Law
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) requires equal access employment and a provision of “reasonable accommodations” for persons with disabilities.
  • Disability is defined as a “physical” or “mental impairment” that “substantially limits” one or more “major Life activities”.
ways to answer an unlawful question
Ways to Answer an Unlawful Question
  • Answer without objection
  • Seek explanation
  • Redirect
  • Refuse
  • Table 7-4 pages 214 & 215
the performance appraisal interview
The Performance Appraisal Interview
  • These should be scheduled regularly between superior and subordinate to discuss the quality of the subordinate’s performance.
functions of performance appraisals
Functions of Performance Appraisals
  • Letting the employee know where he or she stands
  • Developing employee skills
  • Improving employment relationship
  • Helping management learn the employee’s point of view
  • Counseling the employee
  • Setting goals for the future
steps in the appraisal process
Steps in the Appraisal Process
  • Review progress
  • Discuss successes, problems, and needs
    • Feedback should be accurate
    • Feedback should be relevant to the job
  • Set goals
  • Review and respond to the written record from the appraisal