to demand and deliver the kenya we want n.
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‘To demand and deliver the Kenya we want’ PowerPoint Presentation
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‘To demand and deliver the Kenya we want’

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‘To demand and deliver the Kenya we want’ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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‘To demand and deliver the Kenya we want’
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  1. The promise of our generation ‘To demand and deliver the Kenya we want’

  2. A proposal for a National Vision from Kenya’s young people

  3. The Kenya we want! What is this? • A proposal for a national vision • From young people • Tool for dialogue and consensus • A commitment to creating the future we want

  4. Developing the Vision • Developed in 2002 • Follow-up to the Kenya scenarios • 50+ young people • Workshops and working groups • Draft to be finalized and launched in March 2003 following consultations

  5. Modernized knowledge economy FLYING GEESE MAENDELEO STREET economy Umbrella state New state Nature of state Nature of KATIBA AVENUE EL NIÑO ROAD Homestead economy

  6. The National Vision… • Creates a shared picture of the desired future for Kenya • Communicates the aspirations of Kenya's young people • Stimulates and guides change towards that goal • Provides a benchmark for evaluating our efforts

  7. Vision responds to present reality Limits of political and economic models we have pursued Political and social crises Poverty, intolerance & exclusion

  8. Challenges for our generation The creation of a united Kenya Ensure respect for the constitution Build a mature & tolerant democracy Build a dignified, patriotic & ethical society A caring and secure nation

  9. Challenges for our generation Build a prosperous, competitive and just economy Create an educated and healthy populace Manage our resources sustainably Ensure a positive presence in the community of nations

  10. Our Vision for Kenya

  11. A united nation with common purpose and destiny • A nation of diverse cultures but common goals • Unity of the country promoted by constitution, leaders and citizens • Shared national values

  12. A mature, free and tolerant society • Freedom, pluralism and tolerance • Assured access to justice • Secular state with religious freedom • Promotion of arts and cultural diversity

  13. Proud to be a Mkenya! A dignified and confident people • A proud and confident people • Family recognized and protected as basis of society • A patriotic people • A hardworking people

  14. Power to the people! Freedom to participate A just, democratic and accountable nation • Legitimacy of the state is derived from the people • A competent, all inclusive government • Devolved power and participation

  15. A just, democratic and accountable nation (cont…) • Respect for human rights and equality of opportunity for all • Both the state and citizens honor their duties and obligations • Youth recognized and empowered to play full role I pay my taxes, government delivers services

  16. An ethical society and leadership with integrity Together with our leaders, we subscribe to the highest ethical standards

  17. A safe, secure and caring nation • Human life protected • At peace • Professional security services • Access to food, water and shelter • Social security system for all

  18. An economically just society • Reduced inequalities • All regions participate fully in economic development

  19. A productive, prosperous and innovative people A robust, dynamic, vibrant, diversified, competitive and open economy Government an effective facilitator of investment A healthy and educated populace

  20. A productive, prosperous and innovative people • Promotion of innovation • High quality, extensive infrastructure • Comprehensive information network

  21. Pursuing sustainable development with the future in mind Wildlife conservation Recycling Environmental management

  22. Responsible African member of the global community of nations Pursuit of clear national interests Regional, continental, global influence Promotion of regional cooperation

  23. United nation Dignified confidentpeople Secure and caring nation Ethical society Productive, prosperous, innovative people Key African member of global community Democratic nation Free and tolerant society Economic justice Sustainable development Kenya in 2027

  24. Kenya 2027 • Our promise for the generation born today • We pledge ourselves to the transformation of our nation • We offer leadership and direction in the realization of this vision • We will hold public leaders accountable to this vision • We dedicate our energies to the creation of a new society

  25. Transforming our nation Will you join in the pledge?