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Antelope Valley College Budget Development Process

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Antelope Valley College Budget Development Process - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Antelope Valley College Budget Development Process. Mazie Brewington February 1, 2013. Agenda. Strategic Planning & Budget Development Strategic Goals Blueprint for Planning Timeline of Activities Annual budget call

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Strategic Planning & Budget Development

Strategic Goals

Blueprint for Planning

Timeline of Activities

Annual budget call

Other budget submittals, i.e., categorical, enterprise services, etc.

“Surprises” after the budget development process

Cycle of Evaluation

Available Resources

strategic planning budget
Strategic Planning & Budget
  • Comprised of the following:
    • Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)
    • Institutional Plans, i.e., Educational Master Plan, Finance, Facilities Human Resources, Information Technology, Enrollment and Communications Plans
    • Student Learning/Operational Outcomes
    • Resource Allocation
    • Outcomes Assessment
strategic goals
Strategic Goals

Ensure a diverse managed enrollment by placing students first in designing and delivering student-friendly programs and services.

Strengthen and develop new external community partnerships.

Develop a campus culture with a sense of community and a commitment to excellence.

Improve the utilization of new and existing resources to support student learning outcomes by strengthening organizational effectiveness through research, planning, and the shared governance processes.

Work to maintain or increase quality of campus functions while making necessary fiscal adjustments to mitigate state funding fluctuations. Increase and effectively manage grant funding and capital financing to supplement District resources by increasing efforts to write and obtain grants and contracts.

Develop and maintain facilities to ensure an innovative educational environment that supports student learning outcomes through annual assessment of Operational Outcomes for the Facilities Department.

Provide students and employees with access to the information technology resources necessary to sustain the learning and workplace environment, enhance student experiences and increase student learning outcomes. Continue to encourage and expand the team approach to computing and technology resources across campus constituencies to foster a culture of innovation in technology for the academic and operational areas of the campus.

Create a comprehensive staffing master plan that will identify appropriate staffing to provide for student needs and support new and existing facilities.

Enhance professional development to ensure a well-trained staff to support the District's mission by offsetting state funding cuts where possible with grant funding focused directly on the essential training needs of the college.

Achieve and maintain 1,000 FTES at the Palmdale site.

Develop and implement an academic technology plan designed to enhance student experiences and increase student learning outcomes and achievement.

annual budget call
Annual Budget Call

Budget Request Form

annual budget call continued
Annual Budget Call Continued

Budget Request Narrative

other budget submittals
Other Budget Submittals
  • Categorical & Other Fund Submittals have different templates
    • Accounting Department provides salary projections and budget managers develop remaining budget lines based on program allocation
    • A template is provided by the accounting department and due before the District-wide budget is taken to the Board of Trustees
surprises after budget development
“Surprises” After Budget Development

Non-emergency requests after the budget development process need to go to the supervising dean or director

If it is a priority, then the supervising Vice President will submit the request to the Budget and Finance Subcommittee for review

If approved is will go to the Strategic Planning & Budgeting Council for recommendation to the President

If the President approves/disapproves the request, the supervising Dean or Director will be notified

available resources
Available Resources
  • The business office website has training and information that may be useful:
    • The link shows budget development information:
    • There is also training on the following modules:
      • Proposition 98 101
      • Apportionment 101
      • Budget Allocation Process 101