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June 24, 2004 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SEMINAR ON DERIVATIVES IN ISLAMIC FINANCE “ISLAMIC PROFIT RATE SWAP – Perspective from Conventional IRS” by Chu Kok Wei. June 24, 2004. Coverage . Conventional IRS mechanics Terms of an IRS MYR Conventional IRS Market Quotation & Conventions Islamic Profit Rate Swap

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June 24 2004


June 24, 2004


  • Conventional IRS mechanics

    • Terms of an IRS

    • MYR Conventional IRS Market Quotation & Conventions

  • Islamic Profit Rate Swap

    • Equivalent Terms of an IPRS

    • Proposed Market Quotation and Conventions

  • Documentation

    • Comparison Between IRS and IPRS

    • Netting Issues

    • Early Termination

Conventional interest rate swaps
Conventional Interest Rate Swaps

  • Terms of an Interest Rate Swap

    • Trade Date

    • Effective Date / Start Date

    • Maturity Date / End Date

    • Frequency ( Monthly, Quarterly, S/A, etc)

    • Reference Index (3M KLIBOR, 6M KLIBOR, etc)

    • Fixing Lag

    • Day Count Convention (ACT/365, ACT/360, 30/360, etc)

    • Business Day Convention (Following, Mod Following, Unadjusted, etc)

    • Holiday Table

Conventional interest rate swaps1
Conventional Interest Rate Swaps

  • MYR Market Convention & Quotation Method

    • Quotation Method : Offer / Bid quotation

    • Effective Date : Same Day as Trade Date

    • Maturity Date : x-Year from the Effective Date

    • Frequency : Quarterly

    • Reference Index : 3-Month KLIBOR (page <KLIBOR> on Reuters)

    • Fixing Lag : 0 day (same day fixing)

    • Day Count : ACT/365F both fixed and floating leg

    • Business Day : Modified Following Business Day Convention

    • Holiday Table : Kuala Lumpur

Myr islamic fixed rate bonds
MYR Islamic Fixed Rate Bonds

  • Profit Rate Bearing Islamic Private Debt Securities (PDS)

    • Profit Rate is fixed up-front at point of issuance

    • Convention is Semi Annual profit rate payment frequency

    • Calculation is ACT/ACT semi annual on half of the profit rate

    • Example

      • 6.00% Profit Rate PDS, issued on 24 June 2005 maturing 24 June 2010.

      • Profit rate dates are 24 June and 24 December

      • Each profit rate amount is 3.00% of face value, fixed

      • Inter- profit rate dates accrued interest calculated on ACT/ACT basis

      • No adjustment to profit rate amount even on holidays

Iprs proposed convention
IPRS Proposed Convention

  • Fixed Leg

    • In order to provide better hedging to the MYR Islamic fixed income securities, it is desirable that the Fixed leg of IPRS matches the calculation convention of Islamic fixed income securities.

    • Frequency : Semi Annual

    • Day Count : Actual / Actual

    • Business Day : Following / Preceding (depends on fixed income)

  • Current Leg (Floating leg)

    • Frequency : Quarterly or S/A (credit consideration if mismatch)

    • Day Count : Act/365F (to follow funding calculation)

    • Business Day : same as fixed leg to reduce mismatch credit risk

    • Current Rate : KLIBOR ( page <KLIBOR> on Reuters)

    • Fixing Lag : 0 day, same day fixing

Documentation comparison

Conventional Interest Rate Swap

ISDA Master Agreement

Trade Confirmation

Payment Advice

Transaction Netting is practiced to net off payment between fixed and floating leg

Islamic Profit Rate Swap

Islamic Swap Master Agreement

Trade Confirmation

2 sets of Asset Purchase and Asset Sale Agreements

Transaction Netting is allowed to net off payments between the 4 asset purchase and asset sale agreements to arrive at net payment.

Documentation Comparison

Early termination
Early Termination

  • Possible Reasons

    • Trigger of Early Termination events

    • Mutual Termination Clause

    • Mutual agreement to terminate transaction

    • Other illegality reasons

  • Spirit of Settlement

    • The party who is “out-of-money” should settle the amount owed to the party who is “in-the-money”.

    • Calculation method - Market Quotation Method / Loss Method

    • Cash Settlement Method

Early termination principle iprs
Early Termination Principle - IPRS

  • As the IPRS transaction is settled via 2 sets of asset purchase and asset sales agreement (one for fixed leg, and one for current leg), any early termination would render future agreements non-applicable.

  • Since future asset purchase / asset sale agreement are not performed, is there any loss ? Hence any marked to market settlement ?

  • The commitment to enter into future asset purchase and asset sale agreement is evidenced in the Trade Confirmation Agreement, which is legally binding and obliging.

  • Settlement Amount is seen as the payment to be exchange for the release of obligation to continue to perform the committed future asset purchase and asset sale agreement.

Early termination principle iprs1
Early Termination Principle - IPRS

  • Calculation Method

    • Similar to conventional IRS fair valuation

    • Present value of all future cash flows (fixed leg) and projected cash flows (floating leg)

    • The amount of NPV is set as the settlement amount for both party to be released from future obligations of the IPRS as agreed in the Trade Confirmation Agreement.

  • Settlement Amount

    • As agreed between the 2 counterparties

    • Market Quotation method from panel of Cash Settlement Reference Banks

Contact details
Contact Details

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