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18 inch Doll Clothes PowerPoint Presentation
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18 inch Doll Clothes

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18 inch Doll Clothes
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18 inch Doll Clothes

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  1. Dollie & Me Girls Outfits Matching 18 inch Doll Clothes

  2. The excitement of a matching doll dress Some things were made to match. Where toys are concerned, some things just have to go together. A toy drum needs drumsticks, a toy cowboy doll needs a horse and a toy bowling set needs a ball and pins. A girl’s dress, along with a matching dress for her doll, creates a fun and memorable occasion that will always be treasured.

  3. Matching Little Girls Outfits There are many ways to match doll clothes to your little girl’s wardrobe. You can match the color and style so that both your daughter and her doll are wearing jeans and a blue t-shirt. The theme can be the same, however the clothing doesn’t need to match perfectly. This is a way to help your child to choose clothes that match and make the most of what she already has. The real magic happens, though, when your child and her doll have identical matching outfits. Dresses can be purchased that are the same design, pattern and material for both your child and her doll. There are all kinds of outfits available for a variety of situations; whether it’s a ‘bring your favorite toy’ to school day, or a trip to a friend’s house for a play date.

  4. Doll Clothes Store The Holiday season is a time of parties and family gatherings and nothing could be more exciting for a young girl than attending an event with her and her doll in matching dresses. Going to a store or browsing online to look for matching dresses is a great experience that can be shared between a girl and a loving adult. A girl and her loved one can look through the many items that are exactly the right color, style and type for the occasion. The biggest challenge will be narrowing it down to only one outfit, as there are seemingly endless beautiful options. Every young girl will cherish the experience of shopping for matching outfits for her and her doll and allowing her to make purchasing choices. It can also be a learning experience to help her to understand and select the appropriate outfit for a specific situation.

  5. Matching Doll Dresses Another option is to make a matching doll dress, or a dress for your daughter and her doll in the style and material she desires. If you have the skill to make a pattern, you can buy the materials to make exactly what your child wants. There is a world of choices when it comes to your child picking a pattern, fabric and finishing which makes the dresses even more precious and exciting. Imagine how exciting it would be to have your daughter involved as a flower girl at a wedding, and to have her matching doll included in the festivities! Everything is better for a little girl when it is shared with her doll.

  6. Thank You! If you want to give your little girl a special experience and make the most from a unique occasion, then consider matching dresses for your little girl and her doll. Visit us at - http://www.dollieme.com/