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The Era of Jefferson

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The Era of Jefferson - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Era of Jefferson. Bell Ringer: Create a K/W/L chart in your notes What do you already K NOW about Jefferson? What do you W ANT to know?. So tell us what you think T.J. …. Classwork Use your book pages 302 - 304

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The Era of Jefferson

Bell Ringer:

Create a K/W/L chart in your notes

What do you already KNOW about Jefferson?

What do you WANT to know?


Use your book pages 302 - 304

Identify at least 7changes that Jefferson made in his Democratic Style AND Smaller Role for the US Government

Create a Topic Sentence that explains why Jefferson made these changes.

American Nation 302 - 304

Cut spending, reduce the debt

Small gov’t

Violence is sometimes necessary to bring about change

Party politics are not good for the nation – We are all Americans!

Reduce size of army and navy

Laissez-faire economics (“let alone”) business can function without gov’t support

Cut taxes

~ Adams tried to leave a lasting Federalist influence in government by appointing 58 FederalJudges (judges serve for life)

~appointments were made until the day before the inauguration, except one

John Adams

(the next day)

~ Madison, Jefferson’s Sec. of State, was told not to deliver the official papers confirming Marbury

~ Marbury sued Madison to become a judge


~ The Supreme Court ruled against Marbury and declared a law passed by Congress to be unconstitutional

(Judiciary Act of 1789 which said only S.C. could try cases against a federal official)

Did you know I was John Adams’ Secretary of State?

~ the case established Judicial Review :

the Supreme Court can rule whether laws (state, national) are constitutional or not

“ The opinion which gives to the judges the right to decide what laws are constitutional and what not, not only for themselves… but for the Legislature and Executive also… would make the Judiciary a tyrannical branch”

Thomas Jefferson

to Abigail Adams 1804

us buys louisiana territory
US buys Louisiana Territory
  • Negotiators sent to France
  • Originally planned just to buy New Orleans and West Florida, but Napoleon had lost Haiti and needed $$$
  • French offered whole territory, decided on $15 million – 800,000 acres
l ewisandclarkexhibit org
  • Travel along the same path of Lewis and Clark!
  • Let your journey begin!