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“Controversy for the sake of truth is a divine command” Ac.20:28-32 PowerPoint Presentation
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“Controversy for the sake of truth is a divine command” Ac.20:28-32

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“Controversy for the sake of truth is a divine command” Ac.20:28-32 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Controversy for the sake of truth is a divine command” Ac.20:28-32. 1. Apostasies Occurred Gradually. 595 : John, patriarch of Constantin-ople . . . title of Universal Bishop

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Presentation Transcript
1 apostasies occurred gradually
1. Apostasies Occurred Gradually
  • 595: John, patriarch of Constantin-ople . . . title of Universal Bishop
  • Gregory I denied this: “I confidently assert whoever calls himself the universal bishop, is the forerunner of Antichrist”
  • 606: Boniface received the title . . .
Mechanical music took centuries

“Pope Vitalian is related to have first introduced organs into some of the churches of Western Europe, about 670; but the earliest trustworthy account is that of one sent as a present by the Gk. emperor, Constantine Copronymus, to Pepin, king of the Franks in 755”

2 one problem often led to others
2. One Problem Often Led To Others
  • Ephesus fought one danger, but fell to another (Rv.2:1-5)
  • Protestants:
  • THD . . . infant sprinkling
3 ignoring the problems did not make them go away
3. Ignoring the Problems Did Not Make Them Go Away
  • Rv.2:…14-16, Pergamos
  • Sunday, March 2
  • Dangers Confronting The Church
i modernism
I Modernism
  • 1. Common in society
  • School district in Cobb County, GA put stickers in biology text-books urging students to study evolution “with an open mind, studied carefully, and critically considered”
  • The ACLU sued them
2 common in denominations
2. Common in denominations
    • Deny inspiration of scriptures
    • Deny deity, virgin birth of Christ
  • Deny miracles, resurrection, ascension, authority, etc.
  • Spong: Paul was a bitter, sexually repressed homosexual
  • His thorn in the flesh . . .
  • Ro.1:26-27
3 common to many in the church
3. Common to many in the church
  • Deity of Christ, Jn.1:1-3, 14
  • Creation, Gn.1-2
  • “Science,” Society, Seminaries
  • Breakdown in respect for authority
    • Mechanical Music
    • The new tradition
ii inherited membership
II Inherited Membership
  • Ep.6:4, it is not enough…
  • to teach what; must teach why
  • to nag; faith is not forced
  • to do their thinking for them
ep 6 4
  • What? Bring them up (nourish, feed)
  • How? Through instruments (“in”):
    • Training: total (body, mind, soul)
    • Admonition: counsel about avoid-ance or cessation of an improper course of conduct, instruction
    • 1 Co.10:…11
    • “My parents won’t let me”
iii tendency toward compromise
III Tendency Toward Compromise
  • “The ship of Zion has floundered more than once on the sand-bar of institutionalism. The tendency to organize is characteristic of the age. This writer has ever been unable to appreciate the logic of those who affect to see grave danger in the missionary society but scruple not to form organizations for the purpose of caring for orphans, and teaching young men to be gospel preachers. Of course it is right for the church to care for the father-less and widows in their affliction, but the work should be done by and through the church with the elders having the oversight thereof”
carl ketcherside
Carl Ketcherside
  • Unity in diversity
  • “Wherever God has a child, I have a brother”
  • Applications:
  • Christian Church: Music
  • Baptist Church: Immersion
  • 2 Jn.9-11
modern versions
Modern Versions
  • 1. Compromise truth
  • 2. Apologize for divisions
  • 3. Limit gospel to Matthew–John
  • Young people are vulnerable
iv indifference
IV Indifference
  • Explains why some . . .
  • won’t be back tonight
  • don’t attempt to teach friends
  • don’t pray
the more we multiply toys and gadgets
The more we multiply toys and gadgets…
  • Is.5:12; 32:9; Is.47:8
  • Satan doesn’t care how much conviction we have for truth as long as we let our toys distract us from the life it teaches
  • Zeph.1:12
  • Mt.22:5, preoccupation w. worldly things kills desire for spiritual things
  • Rv.3:1