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American Dream In Music Project

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American Dream In Music Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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American Dream In Music Project. Reflections Of Lala. Aaliyah sings “At Your Best” it reflects on a situation that you try to tell someone how u feel about certain situations and they maybe not in the mood to listen or want the hear the advice giving!.

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at your best
Aaliyah sings “At Your Best” it reflects on a situation that you try to tell someone how u feel about certain situations and they maybe not in the mood to listen or want the hear the advice giving!

I chose this song because at times I try to give people advice who wants it but at the same time don’t want to hear it, because most of the time it’s the truth. But throughout it all and the decision they may make they are still loved by me!

At Your Best
stand up for love
Destiny’s Child sings this song! This song is about any homeless, sick child, or low self-steam person. And that everyone should help one another to make things turn out better in life.

I chose Stand up for love because its very touching and its very true if you listen to the words! On how we complain about little things, and its not even serious to the people who has nothing!!!

Stand Up For Love!
missing you
Tamia, Brandy, Gladys Knight and Chaka Khan sings missing you. It was a song off of “Set It Off” soundtrack. When there are 4 best friends and 3 die expect 1. And its dedicated to her friends, and all their memories they had together!

I chose this song for Jane’e Smith. Because it shows emotion and because “'Cause you were my sister, my strength, and my pride Only God may know why”


Missing You
live in the sky
T.I. and Jamie foxx sings live in the sky. This song reflects people that past and hopefully that they living in the sky and when my day has come we can meet again!

I chose this song for my brother Shane Leaks. And I hope he is living in the sky so when my day shall arrive we can see each other again! R.I.P!

Live In The Sky
bid to long
Plies raps this song. This song tells about a person that is in jail, and everybody that they use to help out when they were free forgot about them, or they let that person down.

I chose this song for my daddy! The reason why I chose this song because my daddy bid seem long! We haven’t let him down or forgot about him though.

Bid To Long……..
Young Jeezy and Keyshia Cole sings dreamin’. This song is about a dream that you thought could never become true, and your blessed that your plans was a success!

I chose this song because I don’t know where or what I might end up to be or do in my future, but I pray that my dream come true of owning businesses around the world that involves hair salons, Hip-Hop dance studios, and a clothing line becomes true!

Beyonce sang this song! Its about a person that has their own dreams but one person wants something different, and that person try to tell them their dreams but their listening!

I chose this song because some people don’t like to hear what people have to say about their dreams or doubt their dreams. And it also has happened to me.

Kelly Rowland the former member of Destiny’s Child sang this song. It’s about the nerds, or smart people who ever picks on for being smart. Some kids like that have low self-esteam and wants to kill people or kill their self.

I chose this song because some teenagers most likely pick on the smart ones and they really need to stop because they don’t know what that person has been through or going through! And this story is very realistic.

i can
Nas raps this song. This song is basically for kids, teenagers, and young adults who are focused on their future and planning for there careers. Hanging with the wrong people can mess up your plans in life. So stay focused.

I chose this song because it’s very encouraging! It’s very inspirable. And a lot of young kids and teens can relate it. Because we are the future!

I Can!!!
check on it
Beyonce sings this song. It tells about how a boy is liking this girl, and she likes him to but she likes the word PATIENCE.

I chose this song because if boys these days would be patient with the calm respectable girls they could get some play! I like to call it “Fighting Temptations”

Check On It
Jagged Edge sings this song! It’s about different situations. They respect men if they take care of their kids, take care of his house hold. They respect women if they hold their man down regardless, and take care of their kids. They don’t respect men who hit on females!

I chose this song because a lot of boys or men is very disrespectful in a lot of ways. Females are to, but its mostly the men. I thought this song is very touching and down to earth on most young people situations now a days!

Ashanti sings this song. Its about following your heart on anything that you want to do, don’t let anyone discourage your dreams.

I chose this song because I’m going to do me always and nobody could ever discourage my dreams, I’m following my heart til my dieing day!

s e x
Lyfe Jennings feat. Lala Brown sings this song. Its about teenagers and having sex. Most girls get peer pressure into having sex when their not ready but wants the boy to like them more when in most cases they don’t. They want to have a piece of you just to tell others they done you.

I chose this song because its very down to earth and very real!!! When your ready to do something then that’s when you do it, don’t get peer pressured into things that you are not ready to do.

i ain t mad at cha
Tupac raps this song. This song is about all the Black men that is trying to get out of a bad situation and he saying that he ain’t mad at them for making a plan to get out!

I chose this song because these days for African American men its hard to get where their trying to go when a lot of doubt them, and police be jockin’ them! I dedicated this to them!

I Ain’t Mad At Cha’
imagine me
Kirk Franklin sing this song. It’s about anybody who feels hurt or had a hard life to imagine good things in the after math.

I chose this song because I relate to it a lot I’ve had a hard life and I smile and make people laugh and it seem like you wouldn’t think the things that I’ve went through I’ve been through…at the end I say IMAGINE ME!

Imagine Me
Destiny’s Child sings this song. It’s about people who doubt you, give up on you, or left you…you can survive without them and show them what your capable of without them!

I chose this song because people envy me and I let them I will survive without them because they don’t do nothing for me, and Ima make something out of myself so all HATERS watch

cry for you
Jodeci sings this song. Its about a person who only feels secure with his love and she hasn’t even left for an hour and he misses her already.

I chose this song because every person needs a loved in their life, and Jodeci just sings this song so lovely! They did that!!! Tremendously.

Cry For You
it s all good
Nivea sings this song! This song is mainly about people hating on others for their potential, careers, fashion, or looks. But at the end whoever makes it laugh at them because their reaching their destiny and the one’s who hating or left with nothing but what they started off from.

I chose this song for all my haters who doubt me in the past, present, and currently in the future. When I make it I’ am going to make ya’ll madder because I left you from the starting line, and whoever my haters are it’s all good but a hater will never amount to nothing. And I’ am my own competition! Remember it. I’ll be looking at ya’ll in my rearview mirror.

It’s All Good
just like you
Keyshia Cole sings this song. It’s about her being famous with her career but she is no different then us. She still has problems, she still go through situations just like us.

I chose this song because, some people act like I’m different then them and it seem like I don’t go through problems. I’m just like them, I’ve been through things some couldn’t imagine. Everybody have problems of there own. I’m just like you!

Just Like You