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  1. Guidance • Use this slide master as the template and modify accordingly • Please bring your presentation materials to the meeting on a CD-ROM and provide before the start of the meeting. Please label the disk! • Please use this naming convention for your file: • PI-lastname_CDM_Review2012 • Please note that ongoing projects will have 35 mins for presentation + 10 mins for questions • If you have questions, please email them to: &

  2. PROJECT TITLEPrincipal InvestigatorCo-InvestigatorsPI’s OrganizationContract #: N00014XXX ONR Command Decision Making6.1-6.2 Program Review June 5-7 2012

  3. Objective • Briefly describe the motivation and objective of the overall project • What is the significance and potential scientific impact of the project • What makes this effort original and exciting? Note: Try to limit to one page.

  4. Budget • Show the project’s budget, by fiscal year: • FY09: $100k • FY10: $120k • FY11: $125k • Show any DURIP finds (if applicable), with FY awarded. • FY10: DURIP for imaging systems, $325k

  5. Technical Approach • Briefly describe the specific approaches taken to accomplish the objectives of the research. • Emphasize the technical merit of the approach • How is it innovative? • What are the risks, and how will they be mitigated? • Describe methods and techniques used. NOTE: • This section may encompass more than one slide • Concise text along with diagrams or schematic descriptions and pictures work best • New start projects will provide a summary of their planned studies

  6. Accomplishments • Concisely summarize the project’s past accomplishments and their impact (1 slide) • Describe specific accomplishments for the past year (could be several slides) • Emphasize the impact of your results Note: • Use of graphics/pictures/graphs/tables is strongly encouraged. Ensure font size is large enough to be easily read by the audience. Dark backgrounds like blue/black are discouraged. • This section is expected to make up the majority of your presentation. • It is understood that new projects that have only been funded by a few months will have greater emphasis on approach and plans than accomplishments.

  7. Issues • Describe any technical issues that you have encountered during the past year • Describe any specific non-technical or resource issues that are affecting the project Note: • Try to limit to one slide • Include information such as difficult in recruiting staff, foreign student visa issues, experiments that didn’t go as planned, delays due to equipment issues, other factors that might affect the planned direction of the work. • New start projects may not have any issues and can omit this slide.

  8. Conclusions • Summarize conclusions resulting from your work to date • Emphasize the impact of the findings for the S&T community (and potentially for the Navy) Note: new projects may have few or no accomplishments depending on length of time they have been funded.

  9. Current and Future Work • Explain what you will do this year and your plans (or recommendations) for future work pertaining to this project. Note: that for projects that are ending 9/30/11 proposals for future work will be considered for FY12 and beyond. You will be advised following the review as to whether or not ONR would like to see a white paper and/or full proposal.

  10. Publications, Patents, Presentations & Awards • Provide a list of all publications, patents, awards, etc. resulting from this project – papers must be those that acknowledge ONR funding Note: new projects may have few or no items depending on length of time they have been funded

  11. Cooperative Development • Please indicate if you have leveraged other sources of funds which extend, accelerate, or may help transition the ONR-funded effort (1 slide) Note: • Include in-house funded efforts as well as extramurally funded efforts such as grants, contracts, CRADA’s for research that is complementary to that which ONR is funding • Funding amounts and period of performance would be appreciated, but are not required

  12. Transition Plan • Identify how you will transition this research from basic research into applied research (if 6.1 funded), or from 6.3 applied funding into 6.3 or prototype development-type efforts. • Another way of thinking of this is, “Is there a vision for how the research would be used in an application, and by whom? What would be required to get there (funds, technology hurdles, etc.)?” • This can be through DoD or other Federally-funded programs or it may be through commercialization by private industry partner. • (1 slide)

  13. Awards and Honors Tiddly winks champion, North-East Division, 2010 Industrial basket weaver of the year, 2011 Metrics & PI Awards / Honors

  14. PI BIO & INFORMATION • Provide a bio about yourself and what your research interests are for (potential reachback and notification when new opportunities present themselves)