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UK Grocery Retailer Insights

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UK Grocery Retailer Insights. Weekly retailer themes and brand promotions from the top UK grocery retailers. w/e 12 th January 2014. Ipswich – Wednesday 8 th January. Key Customer Themes :

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uk grocery retailer insights

UK Grocery Retailer Insights

Weekly retailer themes and brand promotions from the top UK grocery retailers.

w/e 12th January 2014


Ipswich – Wednesday 8thJanuary

  • Key Customer Themes:
  • Tesco Price Promise: Theme continues in store. This is highlighted by overhead signs at till points, bus stops and security shrouds.
  • Tescos Bank: Tesco Clubcard credit card is advertised on overhead signs at till points.
  • NEWThe Big Sale Now On: 11 bays are dedicated to homeware products. This is supported by overhead signs, bus stops, header boards and shelf edge strips. There is also pallets of stock with sale items displayed.
  • NEWBig Clearance: In the seasonal aisle, there are 9 bays dedicated to Christmas clearance items. This is supported by bus stops with the slogan ‘Buy it while you can’. There are also 3 bays of Easter eggs highlighted by shelf fins.
  • Offers: There are several, including half price and £1 offers. Supported by snow ploughs.
  • NEWMother And Baby Supermarket Of The Year:Voted by the parents for the fourth year running. This is supported by overhead signs, bus stops and shelf edge strips.
  • General Feel: The store was quite busy at the time of visit, well stocked and tidy. Easter eggs are already on display.

Key Deals:

  • Cif: ½ price
  • Colgate: ½ price
  • Cheerios: ½ price
  • Pizza Express Pizza: ½ price
  • Aussie Hair Products: 3 for £10
  • Clairol Nice And Easy Hair Colour: 2 for £10
  • Persil: £12 to £7 | 01844 296700 | @CosineUK | | Cosine Blog


Colchester – Wednesday 8th January

  • Key Customer Themes:
  • Special Offers: Slogan displayed on aisle end POS highlighting various offers in store.
  • NEWLove Every Mouthful: Slogan presented with a picture of a piece of fruit or veg in the windows. This is along side a sign promoting summer fruit and veg now in season, now in store.
  • Extra 10% Off Wine: Customers get an extra 10% off sparkling wine and champagne when they purchase 3 or more bottles. Theme supported by shelf fins.
  • Seasonal: Located in the window area showing half price offers.
  • General Feel: There were empty shelves but staff were filling these at the time of visit. There were no security shrouds or overhead signs of any description in store.

Key Deals:

  • Bounty 4pk: £1
  • Flash And Shine Cleaner: ½ price
  • Evian 6pk: ½ price
  • JammieDodgers: ½ price
  • Frosted Shreddies: ½ price
  • Stella Artois: 2 for £3.50
  • Ariel Laundry Liquid: £5
  • Plenty Kitchen Roll: £1.50 | 01844 296700 | @CosineUK | | Cosine Blog


Ipswich – Wednesday 8thJanuary

  • Key Customer Themes:
  • ASDA Price Guarantee: Continues to be advertised, now only promoted on till point conveyer belt POS.
  • Price Lock: Continues to be highlighted in store with shelf fins and tax discs.
  • 100's Of Items At 50p: Theme continues in store, supported by huge overhead signs in foyer and hanging signs.
  • Rollback: Continues to be promoted by shelf edge strips and tax discs.
  • Saving You Money Every Day: Promoting the slogan on POS around the store. 
  • NEW£5 And Less: There is an aisle dedicated to household items under £5. It is supported by header boards, shelf fins, bunting and shelf edge strips.
  • Click And Collect: Promoted along all till points
  • General Feel: The store was clean, tidy and well stocked. It was quite busy at time of visit. There were plenty of staff to hand on tills and sales floor.

Key Deals:

  • Clementines: £1
  • Various Household Cleaners: £3
  • Oreo Biscuits: 50p
  • Heinz Soup: 50p
  • Pot Noodles: 50p
  • Grapes: £1.50 | 01844 296700 | @CosineUK | | Cosine Blog


Wimbledon – Wednesday 8th January

  • Key Customer Themes:
  • Pick Of The Shop: Slogan still being used in store on aisle ends to highlight the best deals.
  • Household Sale: Sale continues with discounted products now seen over 5 bays. Highlighted with high signs on the relevant aisle and on store entry.
  • NEWOur New Year Resolution To You: ‘Prices nailed down to stay low’ is seen advertised above the checkouts.
  • NEWEaster: Seasonal confectionary seen on shippers near the checkouts.
  • General Feel: Busy store, which was clear and tidy. Well stocked shelves with plenty of staff available to assist. 

Key Deals:

  • Kellogg's Special K: Better than ½ price
  • Selected Fruit & Veg: £1 / £2
  • Evian Mineral Water 6pk: ½ price
  • Andrex Toilet Tissue 16pk: ½ price
  • Tetley Teabags 160pk: ½ price
  • Nestle Biscuits 7pk / 8pk: ½ price
  • Ariel Laundry Range: Better than ½ price | 01844 296700 | @CosineUK | | Cosine Blog


Leeds – Wednesday 8th January

  • Key Customer Themes:
  • Brand Match: ‘The deals you get at Tesco's and Asda without going to Tesco's and Asda’. Seen on signs throughout the store and the car park.
  • Great Offers: Main signs used throughout the store to highlight offers.
  • Household Sale:Advertised on entry. Displayed on 12 bays
  • Sainsbury’s Bank: Travel Money 'Special Rate Offer On Prepaid Currency Cards' seen on signs around the checkouts. This message was also played over store tannoy.
  • Make Your Roast Go Further: Theme continues encouraging ideas to make Sunday roast leftovers go further. Signage all around store, especially on entry.
  • Great Offers: Main signs used throughout the store to highlight offers.
  • General Feel: Tidy, clear store. Spacious on entry with well stocked shelf's. Plenty of helpful staff available.

Key Deals:

  • Pampers Baby Dry Nappies: Save 1/3
  • TU Clothing: Up to ½ price
  • Selected Sainsbury's Joints: ½ price
  • Home & Electrical Products: Up to ½ price
  • Robinsons Fruit Shoot: £2
  • HovisSoft White / Wholemeal Medium / Thick: 2 for £2
  • Selected Wines: Save 25%
  • Various Beers & Lagers: £10 | 01844 296700 | @CosineUK | | Cosine Blog



Clapham – Wednesday 8th January

  • Key Customer Themes:
  • Great Offers: Theme continues with main signs highlighting various offers throughout the store.
  • Household Sale: Various products at reduced offers on 1 bay seen on entry.
  • NEWEaster: Cadbury's Creme Egg shipper seen near the checkouts.
  • General Feel: Tidy, clear store. Spacious on entry with few gaps in the promotional areas and well filled shippers. Staff seen working and serving customers in a friendly manner.

Key Deals:

  • Lunch Meal Deal: £3
  • MaipoWine: £5
  • JammieDodgers / McVites Hobnobs: £1
  • Jaffa Cakes: £1
  • Walkers SunbitesCrisps 6pk: £1
  • Pepsi Cola 6pk: £2
  • Sainsbury's Italian Pizza: 2 for £7 | 01844 296700 | @CosineUK | | Cosine Blog


Ipswich – Wednesday 8th January

  • Key Customer Themes:
  • Waitrose Card: Advertising of the Waitrose card continues. Customers pay 10% less on 100's of products. Supported by overhead and hanging signs.
  • NEW Homeware Offers:11 bays dedicated to Waitrose homeware sale. Supported by shelf fins, header boards and shelf edge strips.
  • Offers: Waitrose have lots of aisle end offers including, half price, £1 and 1/3 off. This theme is supported by header boards and shelf fins.
  • Online Shopping: ‘Enjoy a bottle of champagne on us when you shop online at’. Supported by overhead signage.
  • General Feel: A nice big fairly new store. The cafe was extremely busy and the car park was quite full. The store itself seemed fairly quiet. It was clean tidy and well stocked. There was no advertising for price match what so ever.

Key Deals:

  • Weight Watchers Meals: £1.33
  • TwiningsEveryday Tea Bags: £3.49 to £2.61
  • Anchor Spreadable: 2 for £4.50
  • Actimel: ½ price
  • Persil Washing Powder And Liquid: ½ price
  • Evian Bottles 6pk: ½ price
  • TyrrellsCrisps: 2 for £3.50
  • Various Wines: 1/3 off | 01844 296700 | @CosineUK | | Cosine Blog


Merton – Wednesday 8th January

  • Key Customer Themes:
  • NEW Easter: Shippers of seasonal confectionary seen near the checkouts.
  • General Feel: Spacious store with shelves well stocked. Staff were busy replenishing stock and assisting customers.

Key Deals:

  • Count On Us Prepared Meals: 3 for 2
  • Fuller For Longer: 3 for £10
  • Selected Desserts: Save 25%
  • Selected Meat & Fish: 3 for £10
  • Food On The Move: 3 for 2
  • Selected Fruit & Veg: 2 for £4
  • Easter Confectionary: 3 for 2
  • Dine In For 2: 2 for £10 | 01844 296700 | @CosineUK | | Cosine Blog


Mersea – Wednesday 8th January

  • Key Customer Themes:
  • A Great Deal Locally: Theme continues in store highlighting various offers. It is supported by an outside banner, end of aisle header boards, tax discs, shelf edge strips and dump bins.
  • Sourced Locally: Theme continues, highlighting items that have fewer miles to travel to the store. It is supported by hanging signs, shelf edge strips and tax discs.
  • NEW Only: Signs around the store on various items. For example, Andrex toilet rolls only £3.
  • General Feel: Walking into the store it was surprising to see lots of empty shelves. This was due to the store currently being updated. There were lots of trollies full of stockand notices apologising for the inconvenience.

Key Deals:

  • Muller Corner Yogurts: 2 for £5
  • Uncle Bens Cooking Sauce: £1
  • Kraft Philadelphia: £1
  • Various Wines: £4
  • Galaxy: £1.19
  • Fox's Chocolate Melt Biscuits: ½ price
  • BelvitaBreakfast Biscuits: ½ price
  • BranstonBaked Beans 4pk: ½ price | 01844 296700 | @CosineUK | | Cosine Blog


Huddersfield – Wednesday 8th January

  • Key Customer Themes:
  • Swap And Save Up To 60%:Theme continues withhanging signs located throughout store. Signs compare well known household brand prices with Aldi’s brand and price.
  • NEWThe Yoga Collection: High signs advertising over gym equipment offers. 
  • 100% British Farmed Fresh Meat: Signs seen over the meat department promoting British meat.
  • Spend A Little,Live A Lot: Main slogan seen on Aldi advertising.
  • Sale Days: Advertised as a single one off day (Thursdays).
  • General Feel: Basic shopping with no frills. Simple layout with bulk stock. Main displays are stacks and large wire dump bins. Basic advertising posters seen overhead and on the windows.

Key Deals:

  • Be Light Crisps 8pk: 89p
  • Harvest Moon Benefit Original Breakfast Cereal: £1.49
  • Aldi Flavoured Still Water: 99p 
  • "Aldi Super 6" Little Gem Lettuce 2pk / Cucumber / Celery / Spring Onions / Garlic / Savoy Cabbage: 39p
  • Oakhurst Stuffed / Basted Turkey Breast Joint: £7.99 
  • Gluhwein Mulled Wine 1L: £2.99
  • Smoked / Unsmoked Gammon Steaks: 99p | 01844 296700 | @CosineUK | | Cosine Blog


Huddersfield – Wednesday 8th January

  • Key Customer Themes:
  • The Healthy Week: Theme continues with healthier snack choices advertised in store from Monday 30th December to Wednesday 8th January. Currently located around the checkouts on various offers.
  • Market Fresh: Intensely advertised around the fresh fruit & veg dept.
  • General Feel: Still several low overhead signs highlighting various offers throughout the store. Large bulk stacks seen in store, especially around the checkouts.

Key Deals:

  • Pepsi Cola 2L: 99p
  • Thirst Pockets Kitchen Roll 8pk: £3.99
  • Weetabix Biscuits 48pk: £4.18
  • San Marco Deep Pan Pizza Pepperoni / Margherita: 99p
  • Lady McCartney Vegetarian Sausages: 99p
  • Shloer Juice Drink: £1.09
  • Ariel Biological Washing Powder 38pk: £5.99
  • Chilean Pedro Jimenez Wine: £3.79 | 01844 296700 | @CosineUK | | Cosine Blog


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