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Hwa Chong Institution. HCI Science Block. HCI Science Labs. HCI Science Labs. School Science Laboratory. Safety regulations. Important Notice to Pupils. Pupils must not enter the laboratory unless a teacher is present. Important Notice to Pupils.

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Hwa chong institution

Hwa ChongInstitution

School science laboratory

School Science Laboratory

Safety regulations

Important notice to pupils
Important Notice to Pupils

  • Pupils must not enter the laboratory unless a teacher is present.

Important notice to pupils1
Important Notice to Pupils

  • Wait outside the laboratory quietly until your teacher allows you to go in.

Important notice to pupils2
Important Notice to Pupils

  • If teachers are not present please contact Lab Staff at 6467 3005 for any enquiries.

Important notice to pupils3
Important Notice to Pupils

  • Put your bags on the shelf provided before practical lessons.

Important notice to pupils4

  • Apparatus or chemicals are to be used only in the laboratory and must not be removed from the laboratory without the permission of a teacher.

Important notice to pupils5

  • Laboratory materials and equipment must be used only for purposes instructed and approved by the teacher-in charge. You are not allowed to go beyond the instructions of the teacher in any experiment.

Important notice to pupils6
Important Notice to Pupils

  • All apparatus must be carefully examined before use. If you receive dirty or broken apparatus, report it to the teacher at once.

Important notice to pupils7
Important Notice to Pupils

  • Nothing should be tasted without the instructions of the teacher.

Important notice to pupils8
Important Notice to Pupils

  • Anything accidentally taken into the mouth must be spat out at once and the mouth rinsed with plenty of water.

Important notice to pupils9
Important Notice to Pupils

  • Breakages and accidents, however slight, must be reported at once to the teacher.

Important notice to pupils10
Important Notice to Pupils

  • You should wear safety goggles for all practical work involving chemicalsand heat.

Chemical spill
Chemical Spill

  • Warn laboratory users.

  • Contain / cover spill with paper towels.

  • Open windows to ventilate.

  • Alert teacher / lab staffs.

Biological spills
Biological Spills

  • Warn laboratory users

  • Cover spill with paper towels.

  • Pour Disinfectant over spill.

  • Alert teachers / lab staffs

Major injury
Major Injury

  • Give first aid at once.

  • Call ambulance --- 995

  • Alert the school Office.

    Minor Injury

  • Give first aid.

  • Alert the school office.

Possible accidents in the lab
Possible Accidents in the lab

  • Minor Injury – Cuts and Burns.

  • Chemical spillage into eyes.

  • Fire.

Minor injury cuts and burns
Minor Injury – Cuts and Burns

  • First Aid Box near the white board.

Chemical spillage into eyes shower eye washer
Chemical spillage into eyes. (Shower & Eye washer).

  • Any spillage of chemicals on the skin or clothing must be washed at once with much water.

Fire fire extinguisher
Fire (Fire extinguisher)

  • Located near the white board and at the back of the lab.

To operate fire extinguisher
To operate Fire Extinguisher

  • Pull the pin at the top of the extinguisher that keeps the handle from being accidentally pressed.

To operate fire exinguisher
To operate Fire Exinguisher

  • Aim the nozzle toward the base of the fire. Stand about 3 m from the fire.

To operate fire exinguisher1
To operate Fire Exinguisher

  • Squeeze the handle to discharge the extinguisher. If you release the handle, the discharge will stop.

To operate fire exinguisher2
To operate Fire Exinguisher

  • Sweep the nozzle back and forth at the base of the fire. After the fire appears to be out, watch it carefully since it may re-ignite!

Fire blanket
Fire Blanket

  • Located near the front door.

    To use

  • Pull tapes.

  • Hold blanket in shield position.

  • Place gently over fire to cover burning material completely.

  • Leaved covered until cool.

Other precautions
Other Precautions

  • Use plastic cup (with handles) to collect hot water.

Handling hazardous chemicals
Handling Hazardous chemicals

  • For all practical work involving hazardous chemicals must be done in the fume cupboard.

  • Wear goggles and use test tube holders.

Precaution on heating
Precaution on Heating

  • Do not face the test-tube towards yourself or others.

  • Goggles must be worn at all times.

  • Never heat flammable substances.

  • Never leave a flame unattended.

Handling animal work
Handling animal work

  • Wear gloves when doing animal work.

  • Handle the sharp dissection tools with care.

  • After dissection of animals, autoclave the carcasses before disposing.

Electricity safety
Electricity Safety

  • Switches or electrical cables must never be handled with wet hands.

  • Do not use any electrical appliance with exposed wires, report to teachers immediately.

To evacuate
To Evacuate

  • In the emergency of chemical spills (eg. Conc.HCl, Conc. sulfuric acid, bromine water).

  • Gas leakage.

  • When the fire alarm goes off.

To evacuate1
To Evacuate

  • Report to teachers and lab staffs immediately.

  • Evacuate the lab from the front doors down to the nearest staircase to assemble at the terraces.

Emergency contact no


  • POLICE………………….. 999

  • SCHOOL OFFICE…..64665912 / 64683955

  • Non-Emergency Ambulance Service…



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