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jbbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbb. Jill B. Becker. Professor of Psychology. Asst. to Dean for Faculty Affairs, College of Literature, Science & Arts. Reproductive Sciences Program & Neuroscience Program.

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  1. jbbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbbjbbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbb

  2. Jill B. Becker

  3. Professor of Psychology

  4. Asst. to Dean for Faculty Affairs, College of Literature, Science & Arts

  5. Reproductive Sciences Program & Neuroscience Program

  6. The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109

  7. Dean's Office: 734-763-3271

  8. In Psychology: 734/763-4363 (voice mail) 734/763-7480 (fax)

  9. 734/647-3937 (secretary) 734/936-3670 (laboratory)

  10. jbbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbbjbbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbb

  11. ---------- Forwarded message ----------

  12. Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 10:06:07 -0400

  13. From: "Kollack-Walker, Sara (Exchange)" <skwalker@umich.edu>

  14. To: "'Becker, Jill'" <jbbecker@umich.edu>

  15. Subject: RE: web page for Hormones and Behavior

  16. Dear Jill,

  17. Please feel free to modify the web page that I had set up for 531. It is

  18. very basic with only a listing of lecture notes. I don't know if you will

  19. need permission (?), it was my first time working with a web page. Let me

  20. know if I need to do something...

  21. I believe that I had used the web page to post the text of my lecture notes

  22. for the first semester. I did not use the web page for the second semester.

  23. Instead, what I had decided to do was to create handouts for the class that

  24. I generated in PowerPoint. I also used the images/text to make

  25. transparencies for lecture. To some of the handouts, I had physically

  26. pasted pictures that would not be in the electronic version. Also, for most

  27. lectures I had used additional images to enhance my lectures that were not

  28. part of the handout/powerpoint presentation per se although the handouts had

  29. the critical information summarized.

  30. I liked the handouts better for the second semester than simply posting

  31. lecture notes. I would be happy to send you an electronic copy of the

  32. handouts. I would have to search through some boxes to find a hard copy of

  33. the notes that would have some of the images used for the course. The

  34. lecture notes should still be on listed on my Web page, although I did

  35. modify them a bit during the Winter semester. I did not get to lecture on

  36. Chapters 13 or 15 as listed in my syllabus. And I don't have a handout for

  37. the first chapter.

  38. Thanks again for giving me the chance to teach the course. I enjoyed

  39. reviewing/teaching the material very much, although sometimes it was a bit

  40. stressful as I tend to do things at the last minute. Please find various

  41. pieces of information attached below.

  42. Sara KW

  43. <<Posters.doc>> <<Syllabus-W99.doc>> <<Title.pos>> <<Aggressive

  44. Behavior.ppt>> <<Cognitive Function.ppt>> <<Courtship.ppt>>

  45. <<Diversity.ppt>> <<Female Sex Behavior.ppt>> <<Hippocampal

  46. Plasticity.ppt>> <<Human Sex Behavior.ppt>> <<Male Sex Behavior.ppt>>

  47. <<Parental Behavior.ppt>> <<Sensorimotor Function.ppt>> <<Sexual

  48. Differentiation.ppt>> <<Social Attachment.ppt>> <<Stress.ppt>>

  49. > ----------

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