Birth of the irp
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Birth of the IRP. Region 6 ESC. Turnaround Team Meeting. Standard rollout of information. Dealing with new accountability. Educating ESC staff and districts. Technical support, as usual.

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Birth of the irp

Birth of the IRP

Region 6 ESC

Turnaround team meeting
Turnaround Team Meeting

Standard rollout of information.

Dealing with new accountability.

Educating ESC staff and districts.

Technical support, as usual.

High quality of building relationships through professional development offerings, conferences and retreats.

Bottom line:

We began to ask ourselves the question. . .

Birth of the irp

Are we going to affect change

with our Improvement Required campuses and districts

if we continue

to offer the same services?

Be proactive
Be proactive!

What could be done this year to assist campuses that had not been done before?

What would be effective from the ESC level?

How can we help?

28 campuses needed our help, 9 with principals new to our region.

The team
The Team

  • Special Education

  • Special Programs

  • Leadership and Accountability

  • Curriculum and Instruction

  • Administration

    All Hands on Deck: willing, motivated and ready to serve

The motto
The Motto

“Those we serve deserve our very best.”

“You call, we haul.”

The plan
The Plan

  • Study the data.

  • Specialists in core areas make specific recommendations for a year long professional development plan. Focused on needs like an IEP.

  • Utilize our current resources to match needs.

  • We go to them – boots on the ground.

  • Awareness of what we have to offer to match needs.

  • Build strong relationships.

  • Educate on the new accountability system.


Lots of man hours.

Lots of team work.

Great secretaries!

Great secretaries that know how to develop a brochure.

Great secretaries that don’t get upset when you have to reprint for the third time. . .individually by campus.

Steps to success
Steps to Success

Meeting with the Turnaround team.

Divide the campuses among team members, allowing members to choose those campuses that needed specialization from their field.

Created a spreadsheet of campuses-principals and contact information.

Develop protocol for the visit and share with team.

Check out process for IRP’s.

Timeline to have visits accomplished.

E-mails out to curriculum directors, PSP’s, superintendents and DCSI’s.

The product
The Product

A folder

The data

A brochure


  • Charter school: new principal

  • Alternative school: new idea

  • Pre-K campus and elementary campus: decision made for 2 districts - decide to work on alignment between campuses

  • Utilize IRP in campus improvement meetings and in planning with PSP

  • Requests for data training

  • Discovery of ineffective strategies

  • Appreciative of support, time and effort

Follow up

Team meeting for discussion and collaboration

Follow-up phone calls to principals

Follow-up onsite meetings with principals

Priority and Focus school support

Personal invitations to principals to next Principal Network meeting in February