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Applied IT Architecture PowerPoint Presentation
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Applied IT Architecture

Applied IT Architecture

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Applied IT Architecture

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  1. Applied IT Architecture Introduction Reference IT architecture & Standards Applied Reference Architecture Governance model Governance process Problems and opportunities Q & A

  2. SAS Airline IT

  3. Airline IT Personnel • Project managers • System managers • Business analyst • IT Architects/ Information architects 120 employees 83% of total budget to vendors

  4. IT Architecture Implementing a Domain driven Target IT Architecture has to do with • Endurance • Communication • Validation • Control • Mandate

  5. Reference architecture SAS Group IT architecture description • Target IT Architecture • Reference IT Architecture • Information Modeling Hand Book • IT Security Manual • Applied IT architectural concepts • SAS Group Information model

  6. Business Process Information & Functional requirements Implementation Perspective Corp. standards Projects & Changes Domain driven IT Architectural Policy´s & Guidelines

  7. An expensive set of documents Reference architecture SAS Target IT Architecture includes • Problem definition • Business driven Vision & Objectives • Underlying principles Reference IT Architecture provides the principles concerning • Data • IT architecture • Integration architecture • Security • Standards

  8. Reference architecture Bottom/Up process Information Modeling Hand Book • Methods, tools and objectives IT Security Manual • SAS Groups principles concerning IT Security and governance model Applied IT Architecture concepts/patterns • Describes implemented best practices SAS Group Information model • Logical data model with metadata descriptions and Provided by and to the projects

  9. Creation, Maintaining & development of the reference Architecture Owner • EA at Airline IT Key stakeholders • Dev. Departments • System managers • Business areas/process owners

  10. Applied Reference IT Architecture – Airline IT • A Domain oriented Target IT Architecture is defined together with system management with business process input • The Domain Target IT Architecture is derived from Business Process Requirements and Reference IT Architecture • A road map is created/revisited together with the development organization once a year • Budgeting is done • The development projects execute both commercial and IT architecture objectives • Solutions are fed into the Reference IT Architecture model 5-10% of development budget is allocated to IT Architecture

  11. Domain Applied IT Architectural concepts – Best practices Gives value!!! Reference IT architecture only gives principles and guidelines • Does not give IT Architects appropriate support • Does not decrease TTM • Solutions must be reinvented All project that are of IT Architecture significance must complete a System Architect Document (SAD). The solution is generalized and provided to future projects with a need of a similar solution. Examples: • Integration with Tibco, Biztalk • Web Services, SOA • Interoperability Websphere/.net, .net/com • Legacy application wrapping • Etc Is the corp. ref architecture worth while?

  12. Governance model – Airline IT Objective • Proven ability to decrease TTM for development and decrease cost for system management Prerequisites • A common development process • EA must report to CIO • EA must have budget • EA must have mandate to influence & review all solutions • All project must have an IT Architect that is responsible for the design and the solution • A common agenda with business and system management

  13. Organization (JAG) – Airline IT Joint Architecture Group for Target Architecture definition Objective • Define and maintain Target IT architecture • Promote usage • Close loop to Corporate level Members • System management • Development management • Airline IT Architects (EA) 4 JAG´s for defining Target IT Architecture within Airline IT Sets target once a year

  14. Governance process - Airline IT JAG for development governance Objective • Secure that development is done according to defined target architecture Members • System management • Development management • Airline IT Architects (EA) • No vendor representation One group for airline IT Follow up meetings every other week Reports to the CIO

  15. Governance process - Airline IT All intended projects are reviewed before they start and categorized: • Not significant (EA does nothing) • Significant (EA reviews the project/dev) • Very significant (EA is involved in the project/dev) Review • PM and project IT architect • NFR, SAD, Code, data model, SW and code Findings are discussed during JAG for development governance Reports to the CIO

  16. The project dimension The projects are not dev. according standrad Why? • Are you considered as support? • Do you have the mandate? • Are you supporting TTM or the business case and is this clear? • Do you work together with the business? • Does the business recognize you competence as an asset? • Can you describe the business value in a well defined architecture?

  17. Q & A

  18. Problems and opportunities Problems • Vendors financial objectives • No eagerness for change the current and outdated architecture • Risk for time consuming (expensive) procedures • Management instead of competence Opportunities • The financial model encourages consolidation of HW, SW • Gives us flexibility • Does support implementing the Target Architecture • Gives opportunity to monitor and control development • SAS EA can focus on critical issues, vendor caters for non critical issues

  19. Reference architecture Applied IT architectural concepts Reference IT Architecture provides the principles concerning • Data • IT Architecture • Integration architecture • Security • Standards Information Modeling Hand Book • Methods, tools and objectives IT Security Manual • SAS Groups principles concerning IT Security and governance model

  20. Governance model – SAS Group Joint Architecture Group for Reference Architecture definition Objective • Define and maintain Reference Architecture • Promote usage • Close loop to BU level Members • Corp. EA • Airline IT Architects (EA) • CSC Chief Architect Sets Reference Architecture every other year Investment reviews are done Reports to CSC/SAS steering committee