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Prenatal Paternity Test PowerPoint Presentation
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Prenatal Paternity Test

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Prenatal Paternity Test - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Prenatal Paternity Test

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  1. Prenatal Paternity Test A baby’s DNA is formed just after conception and so the test is accurate like other DNA tests. There are safe methods to draw samples from the mother’s womb. The DNA of the baby has characters from both mother and father. A prenatal paternity test can identify whether a man is a baby’s father even before the baby is born. Like a standard paternity test, it compares the baby’s DNA profile with that of the alleged father. Diagnostic and Genetic Center India is affiliated to DDC, who are world leaders in DNA Testing. For sensitive tests like prenatal paternity tests, they have special staff to conduct the test. They also provide the same level of expertise across the world. DNA Diagnostic and Genetic Center India has a group of professionals who have years of experience and conduct each test with great care to give the best results. DNA Tests can be conducted for various reasons like immigration, crime detection or legal reasons. Some tests are done for peace of mind. Like Maternity DNA test, Paternity DNA test, Sibling ship test and other relationship tests. Prenatal paternity test is a test that strengthens the bond between couples. It allows calm pregnancy. A sample is collected by different methods depending on the stage of pregnancy. The method can be invasive or non-invasive. For sensitive issues like a prenatal paternity test, you must always consult an expert. This test requires a lot of skills and expertise. The results of this test are quite crucial and of great importance for both the parents. You can also get a counseling arranged to check out the best test suited for you. You just need to submit the unborn baby’s sample and the alleged father’s sample. This test could be for peace of mind as well as for legal purposes. Visit: DNA Diagnostics and Genetics Center, 44F/9 Rajendra Complex, Kishangarh Sector A, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. Pin Code: 110070 Email id: Phone No. : +911164777710 Mobile No. : +919213177771 Website: