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DDGC provides highly accurate and cost effective dna testing. We are the best dna center in India

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DNA Center India

DNA Diagnostics and Genetic Center is the leader in DNA testing. It is affiliated to DDC

who are world leaders in DNA testing.

This laboratory offers the same level of precision and professionalism as in USA. They

have fixed standards throughout the world. Experienced people run this laboratory. The

laboratory is equipped with the latest equipment’s and trained personnel.

DNA test in India was the need of the hour. With a huge population human identification

is a big problem. The crime rate in India is increasing many folds. This laboratory comes

as a relief in such times.

With over 2 decades of experience in this arena, they are the finest in terms of turn

around time, quality and pricing.

Some DNA tests can be undertaken for peace of mind. Maternity DNA test, Paternity

DNA test, Sibling ship test and non-invasive paternity test are done for peace of mind.

Other tests can be done for legal purposes. Immigration DNA testing has become an

important aspect of it. Certain countries have made it compulsory to prove relationship.

In such cases DNA test is the best solution.

DNA Center India also conducts genetic tests where you can know all about your origin

and ancestral history. Any disease in the offspring can also be diagnosed. This is helpful

in adoption cases.

You can even detect the use of drugs, tobacco or narcotics by simply conducting a test of

the hair of the person. Alcohol level in the blood can also be diagnosed. This test is

helpful for feeding mothers.

DNA test in India has gained popularity. It is a solution to many unanswered questions. It

creates a bond in case of peace of mind tests and solves a lot of problems in legal cases as



DNA Diagnostics and Genetic Center,

44F/9 Rajendra Complex,

Kishangarh Sector A,

Vasant Kunj,

New Delhi.

Pincode: 110070

Emailid: [email protected]

Phone No. : +911164777710

Mobile No. : +919213177771

Website: http://www.dnacenter.in