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  1. DMIT STUDIO Let The Brain Speak For You

  2. About Us DMIT Studio provides the Best DMIT Software for Child, Young and Adults. It is providing the best solutions to keep your brain sharper and intelligent. DMIT Test Software or Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test is one of the most brilliant tools developed for such identification.

  3. DMIT Software DMIT Software is scientifically linked with our fingerprints patterns and brain lobes. This software helps you to discover hidden talents and improve your overall personality. The best part of this software is that you can analyze your positive and negative points by DMIT test report.

  4. DMIT Benefits DMIT Benefits for Your Child: • DMIT can help you to know inborn learning style and abilities of your child; discover hidden potential and talents that he or she possess, and understand his/her innate characteristics. • DMIT enables parents to understand their child better, helping them to communicate in a more effective way. • DMIT helps parents to understand the innate capacities and nature of the child, so that they can offer the child with the appropriate learning habit that suits with the child’s inherent inclinations and capacities. • The test at the same time highlights the points of weakness of a child’s brain and can be highly effective to help the parents in providing proper support for developing those weaker arenas.

  5. DMIT Benefits DMIT Benefits for Adults: • DMIT offers a comprehensible report about the inherent characteristic of an individual as well as gives a guideline on how a person can achieve maximum success in life. • It offers a way to understand one's true capacities, so that they can be driven in the right way to be turned into effective results. • The DMIT report not only informs about the inborn talents of a person, but also offers a thorough understanding of one's personality, the level of multiple intelligence, brain dominance and preferred style of learning. • DMIT test offers a comprehensive report on Intelligence Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Creative Quotient as well as Adversity Quotient of an individual, which can be highly helpful for development of the person in personal and professional life.

  6. Brain Before Birth In this Segment, We provide your newborn baby's brain to be of an Engineer, Doctor, Chartered Accountant or Musician etc. Train Your Child's Brain Before Birth. All of us know that most of the development of a child takes place inside the mother’s womb and that’s why the time during which the child is inside the womb is considered utmost important.

  7. Contact Us DMIT Studio, Flat No-5 Betwa Apartment, Opposite Gtb Complex, New Market, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh - 462003 Phone: 0755-4242344 Mobile: +91-91795-97354 Email: Web:

  8. Thank You .