world war one n.
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World War One

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World War One - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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World War One . The Terrible Slaughter that Changed the World – Will Hutton. Europe before 1914. No women voted Empires flourished Class distinctions were very important Servant class. Europe before 1914. Women, foreigners, blacks seen as inferior

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world war one

World War One

The Terrible Slaughter that Changed the World – Will Hutton

europe before 1914
Europe before 1914
  • No women voted
  • Empires flourished
  • Class distinctions were very important
  • Servant class
europe before 19141
Europe before 1914
  • Women, foreigners, blacks seen as inferior
  • Organized religion still powerful, especially among poor
  • Industrialization had brought some examples of extreme wealth but poor working conditions
europe usa before 1914
Europe/USA before 1914
  • Life expectancy in cities half that in the shires
  • However, labor was still very disorganized
  • Workers still tended to vote for traditional parties through deference rather than nascent working class parties (e.g. Labour Party in GB)
  • In America, Democrats incorporated organized labor – no new party emerging
  • Huge amount of emigration to America
harbingers of change
Harbingers of Change
  • Kaiser in Germany losing some power to parliament
  • Austria-Hungarian and Russian autocrats under increasing pressure to democratize
  • Strikes more common
  • Suffragette movement fighting for women to get the vote
  • Old age pension in GB
  • Freud
consequences of the war
Consequences of the War
  • End of Austria-Hungarian, Russian, Turkish and German empires
  • Emergence of smaller, self-governing states
  • Power with people rather than crowns and churches
consequences of war secularism
Consequences of War - Secularism
  • Communism
  • Soviet Union
  • 9 million dead
  • Where was God?
consequences of war working class solidarity
Consequences of War – Working Class Solidarity
  • Why didn’t the soldiers mutiny?
  • Loyalty to each other
  • Led to rise of trade unionism
  • Start of support for w/c parties – why vote for the people that led you into the war?
consequences of war
Consequences of War
  • Newspaper reading up
  • Women at work
  • Women and the vote
  • Fairer taxation
  • End of servant class
consequences of war1
Consequences of War
  • Fascism – counter-reaction to the progressivism of previous slide (Italy/Spain/Germany) as well as TOV
  • End of mass emigration to USA – US becomes insular and isolationist