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TYPE Focus. What is Type focus?. An assessment of your personality types or preferences Based on your thoughts and behaviors Helps you to better understand yourself, and to hopefully determine a major, and maybe even a career!. What is Type focus?.

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what is type focus
What is Type focus?
  • An assessment of your personality types or preferences
  • Based on your thoughts and behaviors
  • Helps you to better understand yourself, and to hopefully determine a major, and maybe even a career!
what is type focus1
What is Type focus?
  • Type Focus helps you to answer questions about yourself in many categories:
    • Self Awareness- who am I really?
    • Setting goals- where am I going?
    • Getting the job- How do I gain an advantage
    • Success of work- How do I succeed?
    • Success factors- where should I focus?
activity part 1
Activity Part 1
  • Planning your perfect party!
extraverts vs introverts where do you direct your energy
Extraverts vs. IntrovertsWhere do you direct your energy?
  • Introverts (I)
    • Energized by being alone
    • Does not enjoy being the center of attention
    • Think first then act
    • Thinks quietly
    • More private
    • Listens more over talking
    • Responds after thinking things through
    • Depth> Breadth
  • Extraverts (E)
    • Energized by the people around you
    • Enjoys being the center of attention
    • Act first, then think
    • Thinks out loud
    • Open about personal feelings and information
    • Talks more then listens
    • Enthusiastic
    • Fast paced
    • Breadth>Depth
activity part 2
Activity part 2
  • Describe how you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
sensors vs intuitives how do you prefer to process information
Sensors Vs. IntuitivesHow do you prefer to process information?
  • Sensors (S)
    • Trust what is certain and concrete
    • Only likes new ideas when they are practical
    • Values realism and common sense
    • Uses established skills
    • Specific and literal
    • Step-by-step
    • Present oriented
  • Intuitives (N)
    • Trust inspiration
    • Likes new ideas for what they are
    • Values imagination
    • Likes to learn new skills
    • General and figurative
    • Roundabout manor
    • Future oriented
activity part 3
Activity Part 3
  • You are hiring somone for a job. One candidate had a perfect resume ad interview. The other wan not as outstanding as the first, however the second candidate is a single parent and really needs a job. You can only hire one person.
  • Who do you hire and why?
thinkers vs feelers how do you prefer to make decisions
Thinkers vs. FeelersHow do you prefer to make decisions?
  • Thinkers(T)
    • Step back, impersonal analysis to problems
    • Values logic, justice, and fairness
    • Tends to be critical
    • Considers it more important to be truthful then tactful
    • Believes feelings are only valid if logical
    • Motivated by desire for achievement and accomplishment
  • Feelers(F)
    • Steps forward, considers effect of action on others
    • Values empathy and harmony
    • Naturally likes to please
    • Shows appreciation
    • Believes any feeling is valid
    • Motivated by desire to be appreciated
activity part 4
Activity part 4
  • Plan a Winter Break trip!
judgers vs perceivers how do you prefer to organize your life
Judgers vs. Perceivershow do you prefer to organize your life?
  • Judgers (J)
    • Happiest after making a decision
    • Work first play later
    • Sets many goals and works towards achieving them on time
    • Likes to know what they are getting into
    • Product and task oriented
    • Satisfied by finishing projects
    • Takes deadlines seriously
  • Perceivers (P)
    • Happiest leaving options open
    • Play now finish work later
    • Tends to change goals
    • Likes adapting to new situations
    • Process oriented
    • Satisfied from starting projects
    • Feels deadlines are elastic