the circulatory system n.
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The Circulatory System

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The Circulatory System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gradebook. Email. Explore. Jobs of the Circulatory System. Movie. The Circulatory System. Parts of the Heart. Blood Vessels. Welcome, this course is about The Circulatory System and how it works in your body.

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The Circulatory System

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    1. Gradebook Email Explore Jobs of the Circulatory System Movie The Circulatory System Parts of the Heart Blood Vessels Welcome, this course is about The Circulatory System and how it works in your body. Throughout this course you will complete assignments and projects in each of the five units. The menu on the left consists of topics that will be addressed in this course. The buttons above will allow you to check your grades or email, chat and ask your instructor if you have any questions. Parts of the Blood Questions Heart Disease GLOSSARY

    2. Aorta Artery Atrium Atherosclerosis Blood Blood Vessels Capillary Coronary Artery Heart Heart Attack Heart Disease Protection Plasma Platelets Red Blood Cells Septum Transports hormones Temperature regulation Valve Ventricle Vein White Blood Cells Glossary(click on the work for the definition) Home

    3. Jobs of the Circulatory System Home Student Objective: The learners will be able to describe the circulatory system and its functions. Activity: Investigate the circulatory system through the following links:

    4. Parts of the Heart Home Student Objective: Students will investigate the human heart and blood and identify its function through the following web page: Activity: After investigating the web sites, students will be able to draw and label parts of the heart on a diagram and describe its function on an online quiz. Quiz: Virtual Tour:

    5. Blood Vessels Home Student Objective: Students will participate in a group activity and create a presentation about the circulatory system.  Students will use the following link to guide them through this project:

    6. Parts of the Blood Home Student Objective: Students will read the information provided on the following web pages and answer questions on the follow up quiz: can click through this page and others on the site to get valuable information about the composition of blood, plasma, red and white blood cells and blood platelets.

    7. Heart Disease Home Student Objectives: • Students will participate in an online game and quiz provided within this web page: 2. Sudents will participate in a lab where they determine if the pulse rate is the same for boys and girls. Found on page 11

    8. Grade Book Home

    9. E-mail Home

    10. MovieOur Circulation Home

    11. QuestionsThe Parking Garage Home Post your questions here…