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Portland State University Welcome to HRascals Plus! August 1, 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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Portland State University Welcome to HRascals Plus! August 1, 2008

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Portland State University Welcome to HRascals Plus! August 1, 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Portland State University Welcome to HRascals Plus! August 1, 2008. Welcome HRascals!. Cathy LaTourette Associate Vice President for Human Resources. Agenda – 08/01/08. Collective Bargaining Updates AAUP Ratification Timeline – Cathy LaTourette

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Portland State University Welcome to HRascals Plus! August 1, 2008

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Portland State University

Welcome to HRascals Plus! August 1, 2008

welcome hrascals

Welcome HRascals!

Cathy LaTourette

Associate Vice President

for Human Resources

agenda 08 01 08
Agenda – 08/01/08
  • Collective Bargaining Updates
    • AAUP Ratification Timeline – Cathy LaTourette
    • AAUP Salary Rate Calculator – Alan Kolibaba
    • New Rate with Promotion in Rank
    • and AFT Rate Calculator – Maria Eldred
  • Open Enrollment – Joanne Clancy
    • New Benefits Available!
  • Announcements
aaup collective bargaining
AAUP Collective Bargaining
  • Tentative Agreement – July 15, 2008
  • Ratification by AAUP
  • Ratification by PSU & OUS
  • Effective Contract
  • Implementation – Article 30 - Salary
aaup settlement offer salary
AAUP Settlement Offer - Salary

Jan. 1, 2008 12-month

Feb. 1, 2008 9-month

  • Year 1 Retro To:

Jan. 1, 2009 12-month

Feb. 1, 2009 9-month

Year 2 Effective:

aaup member groups
AAUP Member Groups
  • Ranked Instructional Faculty
  • Research Faculty
  • Academic Professionals
salary year 1
Salary Year 1
  • Ranked Instructional Faculty
    • 4.25% and
    • Market Equity Increase of 1%-5%
  • Research Faculty and Academic Professionals
    • 5.25% Across the Board
salary year 2
Salary Year 2
  • Ranked Instructional Faculty
    • 4.5% and
    • Market Equity Increase of 1%-5%
    • Exceptional Performance 2.5%
  • Research Faculty and Academic Professionals
    • 4.5% Across the Board
complete tentative agreement
Complete Tentative Agreement
  • Available on the OAA website:
aaup salary rate calculator based on the tentative agreement with aaup
AAUP Salary Rate Calculator Based on the Tentative Agreement with AAUP
  • Alan Kolibaba
  • Assistant Vice Provost for Research Services
aaup salary rate calculator
AAUP Salary Rate Calculator
  • Purpose: To help 9-month faculty members with instructional rank understand the implications of the proposed Salary Article for their salary rate.
aaup salary rate calculator1
AAUP Salary Rate Calculator
    • Doesn’t handle the following:
      • 12 month appointments
      • Non-instructional ranks
      • Promotions in AY 08 or AY 09
      • Position changes
      • Special salary rate increases
      • Term of Service changes
      • Etc.
using the aaup salary rate calculator
Using the AAUP Salary Rate Calculator
  • Input the individual’s 6/30/2007 salary rate
  • Find the comparator salary rate by rank and discipline in the “Salary Comparator” sheet
  • Input that rate to “Comparator Salary” field
  • Input PSU and Peer OPE rates by rank
using the aaup salary rate calculator1
Using the AAUP Salary Rate Calculator
  • Type Minimum rate by rank and year in appropriate fields
  • Merit increase: Either 0% or 2.5%.
  • To calculate:
    • Press “F9” on a PC
    • Press “Command + =” on a Mac
combining the new rate with a promotion in rank
Combining the New Rate with a Promotion in Rank
  • HR calculates the increases for individuals who are promoted in rank each year.
  • Faculty who are tenure related do not need a new letter of offer when they are promoted.
  • The following formulas demonstrate how to find the new rate for your fixed-term promoted faculty who will need a new letter of offer for the 08/09 year.
effective dates
Effective Dates:
  • The negotiated increases will be made effective 1/1/08.
  • Promotional increases are calculated using the rate from 6/15/08 or 6/30/08.
  • Promotional increases become effective 9/16/08 or 7/01/08 depending on the individual’s term of service (9 or 12).
how 08 09 promotions are calculated
How 08/09 Promotions are Calculated
  • Find the individual’s 1/1/8 new annual salary rate using the AAUP calculator
  • Using Article 30 Section 6 of the AAUP Collective Bargaining Agreement, find the minimum salary adjustment for the individual’s new rank and term of service (9 or 12).
  • Add the two numbers from above together
  • Compare the Sum of Step 3 to the minimum Annual Salary Rate for the individual’s rank and term of service using Article 30 Section 4.
  • Whichever is greater becomes the individual’s rate for the new year.
  • Final AAUP salary calculator rate =
    • 9-mo Assoc Prof of Art $52,596
  • Minimum Salary Adjustment
    • 9-mo promoted to Assoc Prof = $3,294
  • Calculator Rate + Min Adjustment
    • $52,596 + $3,294 = $55,890
  • Min ASR for 9-mo Assoc Prof = $50,112
  • $55,890 becomes the individual’s new rate effective 9/16/08.
aft salary rate calculator based on article 12 of the psu aft 07 09 collective bargaining agreement
AFT Salary Rate CalculatorBased on Article 12 of the PSU/AFT 07/09 collective bargaining agreement
  • Maria Eldred
  • Academic Employment Manager
using the aft calculator
Using the AFT Calculator
  • Make sure you are on the right tab of the Excel Spreadsheet
    • Adjunct Instructional or Research
  • Start with the individual’s rate from 06/07
  • If adjunct instruction use one of the following
    • 06/07 per credit rate
    • 06/07 annual salary rate
    • Amount paid for a course & the number of credits for that course
why use an employee s 06 07 rate
Why use an employee’s 06/07 rate?
  • 06/07 was the last time we had a full year without a change in the collective bargaining agreement rates.
  • The PSU/AFT contract was only ratified in March but became effective in Winter term (retroactively implemented).
  • If an adjunct did not work in Spring 08, their most current per credit rate or annual salary rate could not be accurate on the letters of offer or in Banner.
what if they only started working for us in 07 08
What if they only started working for us in 07/08?
  • If an employee only started in the 07/08 fiscal or academic year you can use the tabs/worksheets titled “Instruction if started in 07/08” or “Research if started in 07/08”.
if you are interested
If you are interested…
  • The formula for each calculation can be found in three places:
    • AFT collective bargaining agreement in Art 12
    • April HRascals Power Point Presentation available through the HR website
    • below each cell in the AFT salary calculator
  • If at all possible, use the 06/07 rates.
special thanks to all those
Special Thanks to all those…
  • …who were able to put their summer contracts onto one letter instead of splitting them as in years past.
  • It saved a significant amount of time and effort for our employment & job entry team as well as for Research Accounting by reducing the volume of letters we received!
benefit update for 2009
Benefit Update for 2009
  • Joanne Clancy
  • Benefits Manager
benefit update for 20091
Benefit Update for 2009
  • Open Enrollment will be October 1 –31
    • Watch for PSU Info emails from me
  • 2009 benefit materials will be available on PEBB’s website as early as Sept. 1
    • What’s New brochure, Web-cast meetings
  • Benefit summaries mailed by Sept. 15
    • Update your address and get a pedometer
  • 2009 premiums up 4.8% (8% for 2008)
    • Impacts part-time classified employees who pay pro-rated amounts
what s new for life insurance
What’s New for Life Insurance
  • Basic premium paid coverage jumps from $5,000 to $25,000
    • No enrollment necessary, automatic
  • Employees not enrolled in optional life:
    • May enroll in $40,000 optional life insurance guaranteed without medical history
  • Employees currently enrolled:
    • May increase coverage by 50% in $20K limits without medical history
  • Limit goes from $400,000 for spouse and domestic partners to $600,000 for employee
what s new for vision
What’s New for Vision
  • Adults: exam, lenses and frames every 12 months instead of 24.
  • Remains the same:
    • When you get services from a VSP doctor, you pay a $10 co-payment. In addition to the $200 allowance toward the cost of materials, you get a 20 percent discount for glasses.
what s new for rx drugs
What’s New for Rx Drugs
  • No cost prescription drugs (except Kaiser) for certain chronic diseases
    • Some generic medications for heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and depression
  • 1 brand name asthma inhaler will be covered at the generic level-all plans
  • Kaiser continues to cover generic medications with a $1 copay.
what s new for weight loss
What’s New for Weight Loss
  • All medical plans except Kaiser will reimburse members for the cost of successful participation in Weight Watchers
  • Plans will cover nutritional counseling with a registered dietician as follows:
    • Initial cost and 4 sessions per lifetime at the member’s discretion
    • 4 sessions per year for a chronic condition or as part of a medical weight-management program
  • Kaiser continues to cover unlimited sessions per physician
what s new for smokers
What’s New for Smokers
  • Support for Tobacco Cessation
    • All plans reimburse cost of enrolling in Free & Clear
      • (must enroll to get benefits)
    • Unlimited phone consultations, help is online and in print
    • No-cost nicotine patch or gum delivered to home
    • Minimum copays for generic and brand-name Rx when prescribed by physician
what s new for screenings
What’s New for Screenings
  • All medical plans will cover screening at no cost as follows:
    • For cancers of breast, cervix, colon and prostate
    • Based on the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommended guidelines or on individual history and provider recommendation
worksite health screenings
Worksite Health Screenings
  • November 24, 25 and 26
    • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
    • 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
  • We will contact you closer to the time to set up appointments
new benefits fair
New! Benefits Fair
  • When: October 21 from 10 to 3
  • Where: Smith Memorial Student Union Ballroom (Room 355)
  • Who: PEBB, PERS, OUS, all health and retirement vendors, our EAP, and specific PSU reps
  • Why: Access to vendors doing Open Enrollment and prizes!
  • HR is in our new space!
    • Market Center Building1600 SW 4th Avenue, Suite 518 Portland, Oregon 97201
  • October HRascals: HRIS – EBAR Online Banner Access Request Form
    • Jessica Selig & Dan Weiss
  • Fall Term - Hiring Documents
    • International Student & Faculty Checklist – Mercy Joy Luebke
  • Cashnet Training – Scott Petersen
  • Next HRascals meeting:
    • 10/3/08, SMU 228/MCC, 11:30 – 1:00.