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How a Soldier Pile Wall Provides Support

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How a Soldier Pile Wall Provides Support - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How a Soldier Pile Wall Provides Support

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a home with a basement or a multi-story commercial structure

getting ready to go into place. Ensuring site stability before construction begins is key to a

successful operation. This is where a solider pile wall may come into play, providing the

underground stability necessary to ensure safe construction above.

Drilling companies are generally the experts called in to handle the creation of soldier pile

walls. This form of stabilizer is among the very oldest used by man to retain soil in excavations.

Soldier pile walls are built by creating H-piles that are drilled into the earth at regular intervals

along an excavation’s perimeters. Then lagging is created using steel, wood or precast concrete.

These are placed behind the front piles as the excavation begins. The lagging is able to resist the

load of retained soil by transferring it to the pile. The end result is a bracing system that creates a

stable excavation, such as might be used in a basement or another structure that will begin below

the earth’s surface. This technique is also used to shore up earth around other structures, such as


Soldier pile wall construction and the creation of other supporting structure is typically the

specialty of drilling companies for a number of reasons. These structures must be carefully

engineered to ensure stability underground for safe operations above. Drilling companies are

uniquely qualified for the task because of their expertise not only in earth moving, but also

stabilizing techniques.

Soldier pile walls are a favored technique in many cases because they are relatively easy and fast

to construction. They also are considered rather versatile and can be made to accommodate

change as required. What’s more, the construction technique tends to be relatively affordable as

compared to other earth stabilization options.

While soldier pile walls provide stability when it’s needed, this technique is not the only one at

the disposal of drilling companies. Before moving forward with plans to construct, it’s important

to complete a full site survey and gain expertise advice on the best retaining wall option for the

site in question. Water table levels, soil stability and other factors can combine to make solider

pile walls an ideal choice or one that is ill advised. Drilling companies can help with this


Stable construction above ground often begins under the earth. When this is required, drilling

companies deliver the expertise and equipment necessary to get the job done. Whether it’s

soldier pile walls recommended or another shoring up technique, rest assured the process is

necessary to enhance site safety now and in the future.