what you need to know to apply to college n.
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What You Need to Know to Apply to College

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What You Need to Know to Apply to College - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What You Need to Know to Apply to College. A QUICK GUIDE Mr. Giordano. The SAT. You should take at least two SAT tests. You can take as many as you like. Don’t wait too long, it is best if you take the test by November.

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the sat
  • You should take at least two SAT tests.
  • You can take as many as you like.
  • Don’t wait too long, it is best if you take the test by November.
  • If you are applying to very competitive schools, check to see if you need to take SAT subject tests.
the sat1
  • If you have to take subject tests, you will most likely take 2-3. It is best to take one math, one science, and one history or Literature. Some schools may specify requirements.
  • To register for both the SAT and subject tests visit www.collegeboard.com
  • To qualify for a fee waiver bring me a 2011 tax return (1040) or verification of public assistance or social security.
sat ii
  • If you are applying to a competitive College you might need to take 2-3 SAT subject tests.
  • To register visit www.collegeboard.com
  • Most schools recommend a math and/or a science and a history or language.
  • Visit the school’s web site or call the admissions office to verify this information
the sat2
  • If you take the test in October, those scores will be included on your high school transcript in time for your college application. Some schools may still require scores sent directly from the collegeboard (Binghamton, Stony Brook, and Buffalo)
  • If you take a test after October, you should add the schools that you are applying to as score recipients during the SAT registration. These scores will most likely not reach your transcript in time for the college application. Send “all scores”
  • You can keep sending scores to colleges even after you have completed the application.
  • If you have not done so already for the October test, everyone should add CUNY UAPC (code:2950) as a score recipient. To do so, log into your collegeboard account and click on “send scores.”
  • I will begin scheduling appointments shortly.
  • I have waited because I want you to be prepared for the appointment.
  • Once you have your initial one-on-one you will have to wait until I finish meeting with everyone else.
  • BE PREPARED and don’t waste your time.
what you should bring to your appointment
What you should bring to your appointment
  • Most recent 1040 (2011 tax return)
  • College questionnaire if you didn’t submit
  • Social security number
  • Credit card or fee waiver to pay for SAT/apps.
  • Social security Income verification (if applicable).
  • Unemployment documentation (if applicable).
the application as a process
The Application as a Process
  • Just because you submit an application does not mean that you can no longer send information to a college. The application is only the first step in the process.
  • Once you apply to a school a file is opened. The file remains open until they receive all of your documentation. Upon receipt of all required documentation, the school can render a decision.
  • Even after a school renders a decision, you can appeal with updated info. (SAT scores, mid-year grades, etc..)
  • This process will go on well into January and sometimes into March. That gives you plenty of time to complete the application process.
making the right match
Making the right match
  • It is important to show an upward trend in gpa from 9th – 12th grade.
  • Your essay should address your transcript, particularly when it comes to gaps in attendance and/or poor performance.
  • Counselor recommendations and calls made to schools are considered.
  • Early on aid is heavy and becomes less as the year proceeds.
  • It is important to consider lesser competitive institutions; particularly since there may be more scholarship opportunities.
  • Do not count on the wait list. Most students never make it off of the waitlist.
college visits
College Visits
  • There are several ways to visit with a college
    • Go directly to the school and take a tour
    • Sign up for college visits in the college office. Admissions counselor are visiting tapco to speak with you. Limit ten per session.
    • Open houses – All colleges have open houses. Visit the web site of the school to find out when it is.
    • College Fairs – There are several college fairs that you can attend on your own. They are free and take place locally. Check my web site and facebook page for info.
the suny schools
The SUNY Schools
  • For students with low household incomes who want to apply for SUNY schools (EOP), you should use the application found at www.suny.edu.
  • During the application you must select that you wish to apply for EOP.
  • If you would like a fee waiver for the SUNY schools you must fill out a SUNY fee waiver form. If you qualify for EOP then you DO NOT need to fill out this form. This form can be downloaded online or obtained from my web site. I need a copy of your parent’s 1040 to sign the fee waiver.
  • If you are not applying for EOP, you can use the commonapp to apply to most SUNYs excluding the technical schools and community colleges.
  • The deadline for most SUNY schools is rolling which means that the earlier you apply the better.
the cuny schools
The CUNY Schools
  • To apply to CUNY you must open a portal account at www.cuny.edu.
  • Once you open a portal account you will be able to begin the application.
  • For $65 you will be able to apply to 6 schools. The schools must be listed in order, starting with your first choice.
  • Make sure you select some safety schools (Bronx Community/Hostos).
  • There will be few, if any, fee waivers for this application.
  • If you want to complete this application during your meeting with me, you will need a credit card or $65 money order made out to CUNY UAPC. You can bring me the money order at any time and I will store it in your folder. Only ten people get a fee waiver and those are given to the first ten people that meet with me who meet the requirements.
  • The priority deadline for the CUNY application is February 1st, 2012. All applications received after that date will be reviewed on a space available basis. The deadline for the CUNY honors college is December 1st.
the commonapp
The Commonapp
  • Most private and public schools will now accept the commonapp. To access the commonapp visit www.commonapp.org. Those that don’t may allow you to send documents electronically through SendEdu.
  • Once you open up a commonapp account you will be able to add the schools that you want to apply to. Each school that you add requires a fee.
  • You will also be required to fill out a supplement for each school. Once you have completed the application and supplement , you can submit it.
  • Under the forms section of the application you will have to add my name and email address in order for me to send your transcript. My names is James Giordano and my email address is tapcocounselor@gmail.com.
the commonapp fee waivers
The Commonapp fee waivers
  • If you received a fee waiver for the SAT, then you will automatically be eligible for a fee waiver for the commonapp.
  • To apply for a fee waiver you must select the NACAC fee waiver option (easier choice) under the payment section. If you select this option, I will have to verify that you meet the requirements.
nacac fee waiver

Students are eligible to use the form if:

  • Student has received or is eligible to receive an ACT or SAT testing fee waiver.
  • Student is enrolled in or eligible to participate in the Federal Free or Reduced Price Lunch program (FRPL).
  • Student's annual family income falls within the Income Eligibility Guidelines set by the USDA Food and Nutrition Service.
  • Student is enrolled in a federal, state or local program that aids student from low-income families (e.g., TRIO programs such as Upward Bound).
  • Student's family receives public assistance
  • Student lives in federally subsidized public housing, a foster home or is homeless.
  • Student is a ward of the state or an orphan.
fee waivers
Fee Waivers
  • Remember, the fee waiver process for college applications is much more difficult than for the SAT. I will need to verify that you meet the requirements for college application fee waivers. You can qualify for fee waivers based on the following:
    • For the COMMONAPP, you can use VERIFICATION of free or reduced lunch. Even if you receive free lunch, if you are not on the Free or Reduced Lunch List, you can not use this method.
    • For SUNY, you must meet income requirements as verified by your parent’s 2011 tax return. For example, in a household of three, your household income can not exceed $35,570. SUNY will verify this information. If you use a fee waiver and do not qualify, they will revoke your application and make you pay. For a complete list of income requirements download the SUNY fee Waiver from my web site www.admissionsandaid.com.
    • Verification of public assistance. You automatically qualify for fee waivers if you receive public assistance.

EOP Income Guidelines

* Plus $7,437 for each additional family member in excess of eight.

other applications
Other applications
  • Some schools do not accept the commonapp.
  • For those schools, visit the school’s website for the online application. It is usually found under the undergraduate admissions section of the web site.
  • All SUNY and commonapp schools can receive transcripts electronically from me. As long as you put my email address and the name of your high school on the commonapp I will be able to send a transcript electronically.
  • For CUNY schools, if you are currently attending a NYC DOE high school (YOU ARE), you should have entered your nine-digit OSIS number in Section 2 of the Admission Application. This will enable CUNY to retrieve your transcript electronically*. If you did not enter your OSIS number, please contact the Help Desk for Students at aonline@mail.cuny.edu or call 212-997-CUNY (2869).
  • For all other schools you must complete a transcript request form and submit it to me.
  • If you are required to submit a counselor recommendation letter, then you must either email me your resume and a short bio or submit these documents by completing my online questionnaire at www.admissionsandaid.com
  • Your bio should be informal and should include any personal facts that I can put into your recommendation. Let me decide if it is relevant.
  • Remember, for the commonapp schools, you must add my name and email address. Make sure you spell my name and email address correctly!
  • For teacher recommendations, you must ask the teacher well in advance of the deadline. I have a form in my office and on my web site which might make it easier to request the recommendation.
  • There are many different scholarships.
  • Some scholarships require an application, while others do not.
  • Some schools automatically consider you for a scholarship, others do not.
  • Scholarships are very competitive.
  • If you do not qualify, do not waste your time.
  • Check my web site and facebook page for updates.
college essays
College Essays
  • I have edited most of the personal statements that you provided to your English teacher last year.
  • CUNY General Admission does not require essays.
  • If you would like me to edit your essay, email it to tapcocounselor@gmail.com. Be sure to include your name.
  • Essays should be PERSONAL. They should set you apart from other applicants. It is your one opportunity to share with an admissions person personal events in your life. Examples are: unusual family situations, family illness, neighborhood crime/poverty, languages spoken in house, first generation to college, accomplishments, etc.
my web site
My web site
  • I continually update my web site and facebook page with information.
  • My web site is www.admissionsandaid.com.
  • There is information about scholarships, open houses, college fairs, and college applications.
financial aid
Financial Aid
  • Financial Aid (FAFSA) will be dealt with in December.
  • For now, don’t even think about the FAFSA.
  • Focus on completion of your applications.
  • Some schools require additional financial information such as the CSS financial aid profile. The deadline for this varies, but it can be as early as November.
  • To find out if your school requires the CSS profile or to complete the application visit http://student.collegeboard.org/css-financial-aid-profile
  • You might also have to complete a non-custodial parent profile. If so, be sure to complete it because without it you won’t get financial aid.
ncaa clearinghouse
NCAA Clearinghouse
  • If you are going to play division I or II athletics in college you need to complete the NCAA application found at https://web1.ncaa.org/eligibilitycenter/common/.
college fairs
College Fairs
  • Check my web site and facebook regularly
admissions deadlines
Admissions Deadlines
  • CUNY General Admission: February 1st.
  • CUNY Macaulay Honors College: Dec. 1st.
  • Most SUNY Schools: Rolling
  • SUNY Binghamton: January 15th.
  • Columbia: January 1st.
  • NYU: January 1st.
  • Most Competitive schools: Jan. 1st – 15th.
  • Fordham University: January 15th.
other deadlines
Other Deadlines
  • For a full list of deadlines, fees, and requirements visit https://www.commonapp.org/commonapp/MemberRequirements.aspx.
  • CSS Profile: Varies per school can be as early as November 15th
  • FAFSA Deadline: Varies per school can be as early as January 15th.
  • For a full list of deadlines, fees, and requirements visit https://www.commonapp.org/commonapp/MemberRequirements.aspx.
  • CSS Profile: Varies per school can be as early as November 15th
  • FAFSA Deadline: Varies per school can be as early as January 15th.