camera from the past present and future n.
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Camera from the past present and future

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Camera from the past present and future - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Camera from the past present and future. Cameras in the past.

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cameras in the past
Cameras in the past
  • The Voigtlander ideas were from 1756,but the camera was not available to the public until 1932. The Voigtlander was made by a company called the Voigtlander Germany. This camera weighted 780 grams, and could only zoom into a maximum of 4 feet.
  • After the Voigtlander the Zeiss Ikon was born in 1950. This camera weighed 890 grams, and was made by Zeiss Ikon Germany. Later the Balda and Houghton came along and were not much more efficient. The were still heavy and they were all an accordion style camera.
cameras today
Cameras today
  • Cameras today are a lot different from cameras in the past. Today the only weight 15 pounds at most, and they can take picture in any color. They are much easier to carry and easier to take pictures too. Now the are only the size of your hand and come in all different color and styles. Also they are in every phone even in some I pods and they are much smaller compared to the size of cameras from the 1900s.
  • Also they are used on the

streets to catch people who go

through red lights and other

things relative to the law.

cameras in the future
Cameras in the future
  • In the future camera will be completely different they will be more portable lighter have a better zoom have different colors and they will have different sizes.
  • My camera of the future would be voice activated so you you say a word and it would take the picture it will also have a hologram so when you are looking at your picture they would pop up. Also it would have no worries while trying to take a perfect picture because if you take a picture that you don’t like it will retouch you awful picture into a poicture you will want to keep forever. Also this