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Baptist. By: Madi O strica And Claire Post. What is a Baptist?. A Baptist is someone who has a strong belief that the Bible is clear, and has literal teachings for their faith and practice.  They attempt to back up everything they believe with "Chapter and Verse". Facts about Baptist.

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what is a baptist
What is a Baptist?

A Baptist is someone who has a strong belief that the Bible is clear, and has literal teachings for their faith and practice.  They attempt to back up everything they believe with "Chapter and Verse"

facts about baptist
Facts about Baptist
  • Major beliefs: Baptist believe in one God, the virgin birth, the sinless life, miracles, burial, and bodily resurrection of Christ, the Trinity ,the need for salvation ,divine grace, the Church, the Kingdom of God, last things(Jesus Christ will return personally and visibly in glory to the earth; the dead will be raised; and Christ will judge everyone in righteousness. Baptists believe in the literal Second Coming of Christ in which time God will sit in judgment and divide humanity between the saved and the lost.
  • Holy book: The Bible(Baptists regard the Bible with great seriousness. It is God's divinely inspired revelation of himself to man. Baptist believe that it is true, trustworthy, and without error.
  • Religious practices: Communion(The Lord’s Supper memorializes the death of Christ)
  • Celebrations and holidays: Christmas, Sunday( as a day of rest), Easter, Thanksgiving, Advent, St. Patrick's Day…etc.
  • Countries the religion is practiced in: Baptist mainly practice in English speaking countries.

Baptism is a symbolic act, not having any power in itself. The act of baptism pictures what Christ has done for the believer in His death, burial, and resurrection.


Baptists believe in a heaven and hell. People who fail to recognize God as their as the one and only savior are sentenced to eternity in hell.

  • Baptist oppose abortion
  • They view it as " A means of avoiding responsibility for conception, as a primary means of birth control, and without regard for the far-reaching consequences of the act."
  • Baptist feel that physicians should be able to opt out of performing abortions without sanctions and discrimination.
  • Customs: Baptists affirm God's plan for marriage and the sexual union were designed to be "one man, and one woman, for life." According to God's Word, homosexuality is a sin, though not an unforgivable sin.
  • Divorce: Baptist believe that divorce is accepted, but it is a controversial issue whether a divorced man should and can be a deacon or preacher.
organ donation
Organ donation?
  • Baptist believe that Organ Donation is acceptable, and should be decided by the individual themselves.
religious symbols
Religious Symbols

The dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit,

especially when it is in a descending form.  The Bible is our term for God’s Word The cup holds a reminder of

Christ’s death for us.

Another major religious symbol that the Baptist believe in is the cross. The cross symbolized Gods sacrifice to pay for the sins of his believers.

authority of doctor
Authority of Doctor
  • Baptist believe that a doctor is an authority figure, and view them as one. They have the view point that they respect the decisions of the doctor. Baptist do not have any directed objections to any medical advisors.
does it matter if a doctor is male or female
Does it matter if a doctor is male or female?
  • It is not a known preference of the Baptist faith to have a male or female doctor. However, individuals may prefer one or the other.
does the religion allow drugs for healing
Does the religion allow drugs for healing?
  • Yes. Baptist do not have any objections to being healed or helped with any drugs or other kinds of medications.
blood fluid transfusions
Blood/Fluid Transfusions?
  • There are no religious objections to blood or fluid transfusions.