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The Deteriorating Condition of Old People

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The Deteriorating Condition of Old People - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Deteriorating Condition of Old People

The Deteriorating Condition of Old People

People mostly believe that our greatest threats are the strangers we meet every day or from those violent

men who misbehave with the people around them. But the sad part is that the highest perils of violence

and humiliation lie within our own households, sometimes even from the ones to whom we are the

closest. India is home to approximately 100 million old people today. This large population of senior

citizens is a victim of elderly abuse and the major cause for this is the strain that these relationships in

families are going through.

Isolation and insecurity is felt among the older persons due to the generation gap and change in lifestyles

and also disabilities create a need for proper assistance which is needed by the older people to manage

their daily chores. With the passage of time, the traditional system of the households wherein the lady of

the house used to be responsible for looking after the older family members at home is slowly getting

changed as women now have their own career ambitions to be met. Thus, there is a growing realization

among elderly persons that they are now perceived by their children as a burden.

Basically elderly abuse is “lack of dignified living”. Old people are a victim of various kinds of abuse within

their family which involves usage of disrespectful words by their sons and daughter in-laws. There are

also cases of dispossession of property wherein the children take over the property from their parents and

confine them to one corner of the house.

Also the elderly people find themselves financially dependent on their children. In the worst case, children

send their parents to old age homes or shift to a separate house leaving behind their parents completely

oblivious to the problems that their parents face in this difficult phase of life.


This form of elderly abuse exists in every part of the society. However there is an urgent need for people

to understand the importance of taking care of their parents especially when they are going through this

tough stage in life. They did their part by taking care of us and raising us to be good human beings and

independent. So now it is our turn to hold their hand and walk them through this difficult situation that life







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