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Renaissance and PM MPG

Renaissance and PM MPG. Exceptional Quality of Care and improving Quality of Life. ProMed’s Mobile Practice Group.

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Renaissance and PM MPG

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  1. Renaissance and PM MPG Exceptional Quality of Care and improving Quality of Life

  2. ProMed’s Mobile Practice Group ProMed’s Mobile Practice Group is an advanced Integrated Collaborative Medicine and Palliative Care Program aimed at improving the underlying causes of geriatric illness and to advance Quality of Life. Headed by Dr. Eric J. Pesetsky, the program provides novel Health, Environmental and Behavioral measures and Responses to improve Elder care.

  3. The PM MPG advantage Care is coordinated and reviewed in a state of the art, certified Electronic Health Record Care and Patient Portal, with care giver and family access. Renaissance staff can use the EHR and Care Portal to ask questions of our staff and advise intervention effectiveness to plan ongoing management Follow-Up visits can occur in both a Resident Environment and a Cooperative Healthcare Clinic where ongoing education, socialization and clinical care combine.

  4. PM MPG advantages Each patient has a personalized Transition Prevention Program to reduce ER, hospital and Nursing Home admission . This may consist of appropriate antibiotics in advance of infection or comfort interventions to prevent the need for offsite care Psychological and Environmental Assessment and Interventions to limit disruption, trauma and contagious spread of illness makes our services unique.

  5. PM MPG Advantages Our Specialists are skilled in Advanced Directive Establishment and Access can lead patients and families to the correct documents to keep care within their wishes. We can provide Palliative Symptom management for those who need symptom control and for those who object to appropriate hospice admission.

  6. Prevention Falls are prevented by an assessment of functional ability ( a get up and go test), a review of medications known to potentiate falls, and an assessment of Environmental risks. We are able to provide state of the art programs to identify risk and manage it to promote excellent function, even with those who are frail (Merri-walker) Eldercare requires annual Personalized Vaccination Program to include, Influenza vaccination and revaccination with Pneumovax and Td Significant pain can be avoided with Zostavax use

  7. TPP-Cardiac Focus Prevention of Cardiac Transistionsfocuses on appropriate care of CAD and CHF. Control of BP, use of statins, use of anti-platlet agents are common to both. CAD patients need anti-anginal adjustment and regular exercise that is safe. CHF patients need Na+ avoidance, use of ACEI or ARB, Beta Blocker, Spironolactone and Digoxin. Mointoring Body Weight daily. Certain patients who fail medical therapy with these agents who have a prolonged QRS may be helped by biventricular pacemaker consideration.

  8. TPP-Pulmonary Focus Pulmonary Prevention requires appropriate the control of smoke, allergens and toxicants in the Faciality’s Environment. Proper medications, vaccinations and acute management of viral syndromes that worsen function are also critical. Those with COPD and other Chronic degenerative pulmonary conditions need a regimen that maximizes symptom control yet prevents complications of overtreatment. Sleep and anxiety control is required. End stage disease can be treated with Narcotics to reduce breathlessness and preserve function.

  9. Diabetic Care Focus Significant savings and care avoidance is possible when those with Metabolic Syndrome understand risk and limit it by appropriate medications, exercise and diet. We can work with you to improve nutrition, lower glycemic index, and improve structured group play. Diabetics need these interventions and the avoidance of Hypoglycemia by avoidance of certain agents (Sulfonylureas, rapid acting insulin). HgA1C should be adjusted to the New Elder Normal of 8.0 but not lower.

  10. Specialized Dementia Care 1 Considerable debate on the value of current agents to treat dementia exists. Often dementia behaviors are a signal of underlying illness or pain and requires a thorough evaluation and assessment. Traditional and sometimes adverse medication can drive troublesome behaviors. Appropriate interventions start with behavioral approaches. (Dementia Toolkit, Hospice of the Valley, Phoenix, Az)

  11. Specialized Dementia Care 2 Treatments of common co morbidities (incontinence, irritable bowel, allergy, aggitation) can worsen cognition, so adverse prescription avoidance is key. Stimulating diet to avoid pressure to place futile PEG tubes is also helpful in maintaining this population in place. Exercise is needed to maintain function even in those unsafe for walking (merri-walker). Social function can be maintained by structured play, story telling and compassionate care. Family members need frequent assessments and advice to create appropriate advanced directives to allow the advanced dementia patient to decline in place.

  12. PM MPG and Renaissance We feel our specialized patient centered approach will provide your residents with Superior clinical care in place. This should promote occupancy and limit financial and social disruption of recurrent ER, Hospital and Nursing Home admission. The emphasis we place on prevention of decline and falls will improve function. When function cannot be maintained, our palliative skills will allow optimal aging in place in the most humane way.

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