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Warm-ups for STAAR PowerPoint Presentation
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Warm-ups for STAAR

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Warm-ups for STAAR - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Warm-ups for STAAR. 2012-2013. Geography. Warm-ups. The best source of information for identifying the location of the major mountain ranges in the United States is:  1. an encyclopedia  2. an almanac  3.  an atlas  4. a dictionary.

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Warm-ups for STAAR

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    1. Warm-ups for STAAR 2012-2013

    2. Geography Warm-ups

    3. The best source of information for identifying the location of the major mountain ranges in the United States is:  1. an encyclopedia  2. an almanac  3. an atlas  4. a dictionary

    4. Which geographic advantage did the United States gain by purchasing the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803?  1. warm-water ports on the Atlantic coast  2. rich fishing areas in the Great Lakes  3. full control of the Mississippi River  4. vast coal reserves in the region west of Pennsylvania

    5. Which geographic factor had the greatest influence on early patterns of industrialization in the United States?  1. scarcity of flat land on which to build factories  2. shortages of timber and coal  3. desire of workers to live in mild climates  4. availability of waterpower to operate machines

    6. In the United States, regional differences in economic development are primarily due to  1. settlement patterns of immigrant groups  2. pressure from various religious groups  3. state and federal election laws  4. geographic factors in various parts of the nation

    7. Because of fertile land and a long growing season, plantations in the thirteen colonies developed in  1. New England  2. the Middle Atlantic region  3. the South  4. the upper Mississippi River valley

    8. What would be the best title for this map?  1. British Domination of the Americas  2. Colonial Trade Routes  3. Spanish Colonies in the New World  4. The United States in 1750

    9. What is the best title for this series of maps?  1. Industrialization of the United States  2. Sectional Conflicts in the United States  3. Transportation Revolution in the United States  4. Shifting Frontier of the United States

    10. Colonial Era Warm-ups

    11. In the Colonial Era, developments such as the New England town meetings and the establishment of the Virginia House of Burgesses represented colonial attempts to build a strong national government efforts by the British to strengthen their control over the colonies steps in the growth of representative democracy early social reform movements

    12. Correct Answer Number: 3 Explanation: During the period known as “salutary neglect” the English inattention to the colonies allowed for the development of self-rule as expressed through the examples provided.

    13. According to the Declaration of Independence, the people have the right to alter or abolish a government if that government is a limited monarchy violates natural rights becomes involved in entangling alliances favors one religion over another

    14. Correct Answer Number: 2 Explanation: The writings of John Locke and other authors of the Enlightenment expressed the idea of “The Consent of the Governed”. Rousseau also maintained that a “Social Contract” existed between government and the governed and when government failed to protect rights, a revolution was in order.

    15. Which fundamental political idea is expressed in the Declaration of Independence? 1. The government should guarantee every citizen economic security. 2. The central government and state governments should have equal power. 3. If the government denies its people certain basic rights, that government can be overthrown. 4. Rulers derive their right to govern from God and are therefore bound to govern in the nation’s best interest.

    16. Correct Answer Number: 3 Explanation: The writings of John Locke and other authors of the Enlightenment expressed the idea of “The Consent of the Governed”. Rousseau also maintained that a “Social Contract” existed between government and the governed and when government failed to protect rights, a revolution was in order. Much of these Enlightnment idea was used as the basis for justification of the American Revolution in the Declaration of Independence.

    17. “The only representatives of the people of these colonies are persons chosen therein by themselves; and that no taxes ever have been, or can be constitutionally imposed on them but by their respective legislatures.” -Statement by the Stamp Act Congress, 1765 What is a valid conclusion that can be drawn from this quotation? 1. The colonial legislatures should be appointed by the English King with the consent of Parliament. 2. Only the colonists’ elected representatives should have the power to levy taxes. 3. The English King should have the right to tax the colonists. 4. The colonists should be opposed to all taxation.

    18. Correct Answer Number: 2 Explanation: This idea gave rise to the call for “no taxation without representation”, a reaction to the fact that English Parliament taxed the colonists, yet gave them no representation in Parliament. This point became a key factor in bringing on the American Revolution.

    19. The Mayflower Compact is important to the concept of a democratic society because it represents 1. an effort by the colonists to use force to resist the King 2, a clear step toward self-government 3. an early attempt to establish universal suffrage 4. an attempt by the colonists to establish freedom of religion

    20. Correct Answer Number: 2

    21. The British system of mercantilism was opposed by many American colonists because it 1. placed quotas on immigration 2. discouraged the export of raw materials to England 3. placed restrictions on trading 4. encouraged colonial manufacturing

    22. Correct Answer Number: 3

    23. The Mayflower Compact, House of Burgesses, and Fundamental Orders of Connecticut are all examples of the efforts of colonial Americans to 1. use democratic practices in government 2. protest British land policies 3. establish religious freedom 4. overthrow British royal governors

    24. Correct Answer Number: 1

    25. The Mayflower Compact of 1620 is considered an important step in the development of democracy in America because it  1. expressed the importance of self-government  2. established freedom of religion  3. created the first colonial judiciary  4. granted all males the right to vote

    26. Correct Answer Number 1

    27. During the Revolutionary War period, Thomas Paine’s Common Sense was important because it  1. described a military plan for the defeat of England  2. convinced many Americans who had been undecided to support independence  3. contained a detailed outline for a new form of government  4. argued for the addition of a bill of rights to the Constitution

    28. Correct Answer 2

    29. The Virginia House of Burgesses was important to the development of democracy in the thirteen colonies because it  1. provided an example of a representative form of government  2. created the first written constitution in America  3. provided for direct election of senators  4. began the practice of legislative override of executive vetoes

    30. Correct Answer Number 1

    31. “It is not the cause of one poor printer, nor of New York alone, which you are now trying. No! It may in its consequence affect every free man that lives under a British government on the main [continent] of America. It is the best cause. It is the cause of liberty. . . . Nature and the laws of our country have given us a right to liberty of both exposing and opposing arbitrary power (in these parts of the world at least) by speaking and writing the truth.” — Andrew Hamilton, 1735 This courtroom summation helped establish which democratic principle in colonial America?  1. trial by jury  2. equal voting rights  3. protection of private property  4. freedom of the press

    32. Correct Answer Number 4

    33. The pamphlet Common Sense, by Thomas Paine, aided the American cause in the Revolutionary War because it  1. convinced France to join in the fight against England  2. led to the repeal of the Stamp Act  3. created a new system of government for the United States  4. persuaded individuals who were undecided to support independence

    34. Correct Answer Number 4

    35. Which conclusion about the American Revolutionary War is most clearly supported by information in this chart?  1. England had few advantages in a war with her American colonies.  2. The thirteen colonies had more advantages than disadvantages upon entering the war.  3. England did not believe that the thirteen colonies were worth the expense of a war.  4. The thirteen colonies had few, but important advantages in the war with England.

    36. Correct Answer Number 4

    37. Which important reason for the American victory in the Revolutionary War is missing from the chart?  1. naval superiority of the thirteen colonies  2. aid from foreign nations  3. control of railroads and canals  4. greater number of Indian allies

    38. Correct Answer Number 2

    39. In its economic relationship with its North American colonies, Great Britain followed the principles of 18th-century mercantilism by  1. outlawing the African slave trade  2. limiting the colonies’ trade with other nations  3. encouraging the development of manufacturing in the colonies  4. establishing laws against business monopolies

    40. Correct Answer Number 2

    41. According to the Declaration of Independence, the fundamental purpose of government is to  1. protect people’s natural rights  2. equalize opportunities for all citizens  3. provide for the defense of the nation  4. establish a system of free public education

    42. Correct Answer Number 1

    43. The system shown in the diagram was developed under the Articles of Confederation in order to 1. divide lands seized from the Loyalists  2. provide an orderly system of development for the Northwest Territory  3. remove Native American Indians to areas west of the Appalachian Mountains  4. extend slavery as the nation grew

    44. Correct Answer Number 2

    45. In which area did good harbors, abundant forests, rocky soil, and a short growing season most influence the colonial economy?  1. Southern colonies  2. Middle Atlantic region  3. Northwest Territory  4. New England colonies

    46. Correct Answer Number 4

    47. The Declaration of Independence (1776) has had a major influence on peoples throughout the world because it  1. guarantees universal suffrage  2. establishes a basic set of laws for every nation  3. provides justification for revolting against unjust governments  4. describes the importance of a strong central government

    48. Correct Answer Number 3

    49. Formation of Government Warm-ups

    50. "We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; . . ." This quotation is evidence that some of the basic ideas in the Declaration of Independence were limitations of the principles underlying most European governments of the 1700’s. adaptations of the laws of Spanish colonial governments in North America. adoptions of rules used by the Holy Roman Empire. reflections of the philosophies of the European Enlightenment.