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About High Pressure Stirred Lab Autoclaves

High Pressure Laboratory Autoclave is used in research laboratories where high pressure, high temperature and stirring are required.

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About High Pressure Stirred Lab Autoclaves

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  1. Welcome to Divine Industries

  2. About Divine Industries We are a leading engineering company specializing in distributing & supply of high pressure reactors, high temperature reactors and autoclave systems related equipments.

  3. About Divine Industries We believe in innovation. We are known for our technology and exceptional product Distribution, which meet our customers discrete and diversified requirements.

  4. About Divine Industries Our highly motivated engineers and workforce are determined to meet the client process specification and quality requirement.

  5. High Pressure Stirred Lab Autoclaves Applications of Autoclave:

  6. 1 To study reactions and chemicals

  7. 2 To produce chemicals in small quantity in batch/continous mode

  8. 3 For QC, Process improvement, synthesis

  9. 4 Heterogeneous mixing in order to carry out catalytic reactions

  10. 5 High throughput catalyst screening

  11. 6 Corrosion studies

  12. 7 Reaction Calorimetry

  13. 8 Hydrogen disbonding test

  14. 9 Supercritical CO2,solvent extraction/drying/reaction/ evaporation system

  15. 10 Soaking precious stones

  16. 11 Used in R & D centers, pilot plants & manufacturing facilities

  17. Our vision To become a leading player in distributing & supplying all our products and to continue to outdo our own standards every day!

  18. Our Mission To deliver what we promise. And what do we promise? To supply products that are technically complete & reliable and economically friendly

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  20. Thank you For more information Visit our website …

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