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Discount Custom Boxes

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Discount Custom Boxes
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Discount Custom Boxes

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  1. Cosmetic Boxes – What You Need to Know Before Buying Cosmetic businesses are some of the most lucrative in today’s modern world. From mascaras, eyeliners and other eye products to lipsticks, nail polishes and all else, these are must have items for many men and women. However, if you are a cosmetic products manufacturing or retailing business, you would need packaging that can make a difference. To buy just the right kinds of Custom Cosmetic Boxes is one of the most relevant priorities for businesses. Not only do these boxes keep your products safe but also present them in elegant ways. Of course, when looking to maximize sales, you need to have packaging that attracts maximum attention from retail shelves. Simple and basic packaging might not be able to fulfill many requirements. Basically, you’d be looking for boxes that offer maximum protection while being beautiful and presenting products attractively. Here are some basic and most important features to look for when buying your perfect Cosmetic Boxes: Cosmetic Products Can Be Fragile All cosmetic products are enclosed in various types of containers. Some are made from glass materials, some from plastics and others from different types of materials. Not all of these containers are durable and damage-resistant. In fact, some of these can be very fragile and non-protective for cosmetic items. You simply need boxes that can offer all the required protection for any cosmetic products. Especially when you look at certain lotions, nail polishes, foundations and many other products, durable packaging becomes a basic requirement. Material choices need to be on point for best cosmetic packaging. Cardstock is usually the material of choice for all kinds of Cardstock Cosmetic Boxes. Cardboard, corrugated or paperboard stocks are available for multiple roles. Shipping type boxes can be made from tough and rigid corrugated. Rest can use cardboard or paperboard depending on their requirements. Cosmetic Boxes Can Attract Customer Attention The basic and simple reason any business exists is to make profits through sales. Cosmetic businesses are no different and would want to sell as many of their products as possible. When you have the right kinds of Printed Cosmetic Boxes, your boxed products can attract much attention from retail shelves. There are also different types of printed packaging available for all cosmetic products. With beautiful and colorful designs, your boxes should attractive maximum attention on retail shelves. This at the end helps with boosted sales in the competitive retail market. Some printed finishes you can choose include:     Beautiful and luxurious gold/silver foil stamping finish Very bright and vivid UV oil prints for high-definition designs Precise and accurate embossing or debossing for brand logos Modern raised ink prints making your texts look and feel great

  2. Luxury Surface Finishes Make a Bold Statement Another feature you would definitely want in your Customized Cosmetic Boxes is their fancy surface finishes. These kinds of products are mainly preference based and not really a necessity for people. To make a bold statement about them, you need fancy packaging in perfect surfaces. With cardstock packaging, you also have the option to choose from many attractive surface finishes. Not only will you be offering your clients attractive packaged products but their unboxing experience will end up great too. Some of the best surface laminations available for cardstock these days include:     Prefect high gloss laminations for luxury cosmetic products Elegant and clean feel matte surface lamination options Unique and beautiful spot UV surface finish for cardstock Regular cardstock finishes offering affordable prices Custom Designing Options Make Boxes Perfect for Various Roles There are some cosmetic products that need shipping boxes. Some others need perfect retail display ones. Various products need single packaging boxes and there are others that need bulk product displays as well. For all these requirements, custom designs are available that suit perfectly. Custom Die Cut Cosmetic Boxes make your products much more presentable on retail shelves. You can choose from many options including:      Perfectly secure corrugated shipping boxes for cosmetic products Custom extended flap boxes offering much protection from all sides Clear window cosmetic boxes for cosmetics of all kinds offering beautiful retail displays Auto-bottom style easy to use boxes that are shipped flat Gable style boxes for various large cosmetic containers with easy handling and many others Wholesale Purchases Get You Better Prices and Attractive Deals Thing with cardstock packaging is that it gets cheaper when you buy more of it. Packaging manufacturers are always able to source more materials at cheaper prices. Ordering Discount Custom Boxes and stocking up on them works out great for cosmetic brands and manufacturers. Additionally, you always get good wholesale deals on bulk orders. Some of these will include free shipping to your doorstep, free design support, quick turnaround with not die and plate charges. All these options boost your value for money in the long term. You also need to select the right packaging supplier who will guarantee all or most of these added features. Getting trial boxes or templates is always a great idea as well before making that final bulk order purchase.