swedish tool steel in every language n.
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Swedish tool steel in every language PowerPoint Presentation
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Swedish tool steel in every language

Swedish tool steel in every language

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Swedish tool steel in every language

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  1. Swedish tool steel in every language Short lead times, consistent supply and service support worldwide. For Uddeholm, business has no borders. Our presence on every continent guarantees that you always get the same high quality of tool steel wherever you are.


  3. Selected recyclable steel We always strive to do our work with the least possible environmental impact. Our steel has the highest quality with a long lifetime; we produce it using carefully selected recycled materials, witch is our starting material. To us, quality is not only the properties of the material; our view on quality extends further than that. It embraces the entire value chain from raw material to finished product for the end user.

  4. Steel Mill • Selected raw materials are melted down in the electric arc furnace • The de-slagging machine removes oxygen-rich slag. • De-oxidation, alloying and heating of the steel bath are carried out in the ladle furnace. • Elements such as hydrogen, nitrogen and sulphur are removed in the degassing station. • In uphill casting, prepared moulds are filled with molten steel from the ladle.

  5. ESR In electro slag remelting the ingot is built up in a water-cooled mould by melting a consumable electrode (ingot from the melting shop) The reaction between slag and the steel droplets results in a significant reduction of sulphur and non-metallic inclusions.

  6. Powder • Uddeholm is a market leader in developing and manufacturing tool steel in the most sophisticated quality segments. • The company group has built the world’s most advanced powder steel production facility in Kapfenberg, Austria where all our Uddeholm PM-steels are made before we processing them in Hagfors.

  7. Forging – the future • Our forging press is one of the most modern forging presses in the world. • Significant increase of forging capacity at the Hagfors production site after investments in the Forging Shop. Second forging press • Furnaces for heating and heat treatment • Hot abrasive cutting machine Final forging capacity of roughly 110,000 ingot tonnes per year!

  8. Rolling Mill Our Rolling Mills are very flexible and ”tailor-made” to produce tool steel. (narrow tolerances, small order lots, unique width/ thickness Ratio. Cogging Mill • Ingots from the melting shop are rolled into billets. Bar Rolling Mill • The billets are rolled to bars in different dimensions and profiles. • The rolling mill has 5 rolling pairs • Size range; Rnd 28-80 • Flat T: 20-70, W: 40-305

  9. Heat Treatment There are large numbers of furnaces for different Heat Treatment processes. Hardening / Tempering • The material is heated to a hardening temperature of 810-1040°C depending on steel grade. • After a holding time the material is cooled • followed by a tempering at 530-700°C • Cooled in air blast ,polymer or water. Soft annealing • The material is heated to a temperature of 770-890°C depending on steel grade.

  10. Machining Our Machining has a large capacity for rough Machining and removal of Surface and Uddeholm machines all bars! There are three reasons why we machine and cut the material: • Our customers save material and time. • Defects in the edges of the material can be removed if necessary. • Removing the mill scale after heat-treatment simplifies surface inspection and ultrasonic testing. After the machining process, the material is painted (for corrosion resistance) and marked with a unique identity code.

  11. Fine Machined bars There is an increasingly insistent demand for shorter lead times in the supply chain. One way to deal with this is to offer customers more and more added value in the material we supply. Therefore we also offer standardised executions and dimensions.

  12. Finishing and Warehouse • In our Finishing Department, all material is cut into lengths according to customer requirements. • Average weight to the end customer is about 50 kg. • Approximately 1 million deliveries are made to more then 100,000 customers worldwide. • Ten trailers go to Europe and six containers go to Asia and USA every day.