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Incident medical Specialist

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Incident medical Specialist . What you wanted to know , but were afraid to ask. RETURN to the IMS Program. Karen Hale, Columbia Cascade Dispatch Office, Assistant Center Manager. 360-891-5123 Liaison with IMS from the Training Officer and Dispatch Communities . Little Bit of History:

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incident medical specialist

Incident medical Specialist

What you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask

return to the ims program
RETURNto the IMS Program
  • Karen Hale, Columbia Cascade Dispatch Office, Assistant Center Manager. 360-891-5123
  • Liaison with IMS from the Training Officer and Dispatch Communities.
  • Little Bit of History:
  • Reaching out to the IMS group
  • Getting them talking with Dispatch and
  • Training
ims application 2014
  • Application came out just before furlough
  • Training Scheduled for March 31-April 4, 2014
  • Application Deadline was January 31, 2014.
  • Selections were made on or around February 28.
  • Have Commitment from the Steering Committee :
  • 2015 Training will be on PNWTC website
new ad hiring for ims training
NEW AD HIRING for IMS Training
  • Hired as IMST(t) AD-F for Training Week
  • Accepted into program, attend training.
  • After training IMS Steering Committee will:
  • -Produce affidavit granting IMST to accepted individuals.
  • -N9013 and RT9013 in IQCS and certificates.
  • Will be hired as IMST AD-G for 2014 incidents.
  • All paperwork must be completed at local “Host Unit”.
  • Must comply with Host Unit Status procedures.
ims and emtf
  • PNWCG letter dated 11/6/2013
  • …AD and Supplemental Fire Dept. Resources…these individuals are not authorized to take courses for the purpose of adding additional IQCS qualifications to their red card….request a waiver deviating from this policy…
  • Proposal made to IMS Steering Committee:
  • -Identify all IMS (Ads and Supplemental fire Dept) that wish to have EMTF on their card.
  • -Send a “group” request to PNWCG representative for waiver.
  • Only those individuals identified on waiver, and having the proper IQCS documentation will be able to take the Arduous WCT.
r6 ims dispatch procedures
R6 IMS Dispatch Procedures
  • Procedures will be the same for 2014.
  • IMS Teams are already in the system assigned to T1 and Oregon T2 IMT’s.
  • IMS will be ordered as a group and sent to the Manager’s Host Unit to process.
  • Remember to prepare your Expandeds!
additional ims
Additional IMS
  • -Request for the type (IMST, IMSA, IMSM) and number will be submitted.
  • -Incident Host Unit will check local and/or neighbors for IMS
  • (available in ROSS) first.
  • -If no IMS available, order placed to NWCC.
  • -NWCC will query ROSS for closest forces.
  • Request will be sent to unit showing IMS available.
  • -If no IMS available, order will be UTF’d.
  • -Once Incident Unit receives the UTF,
  • -IMS Manager will make calls to individuals, for possible Name Request.
  • A new request will be submitted.
incident hire of emt s
  • Request should go through Expanded, but the actual hire should be through the Buying Team (BUYT).
  • Northwest should not be hiring EMT’s with the IMS program.
  • Don’t get the two confused.
incident hire of emt s continued
  • FYI- Quote from Ben McGrane and FACT team:
  • “There is a template in development, however, we don’t have that many so we prefer to go EERA via ITEAM to hire.”
  • Bottom-line: Incident requests EMT’s, have your Buying Team hire through local Fire Departments
  • IMS Steering Committee conduct an AAR at season end.
  • Request each Dispatch Center to open a WILDCAD incident titled:
  • IMS Dispatching
  • Capture in the log any type of issue that comes up with the IMS teams, independent members, etc.
  • Will request the reports at season end.
  • Sort for similarities
  • Bring to the attention of the IMS Steering Committee:
  • Deficiencies , Issues
  • From the IMS group will bring Issues to the CMAC.
ims steering committee aar
IMS Steering Committee AAR
  • Issues: Task books
  • AD Hiring
  • FirelineEMTs
  • Rental Vehicles
  • New Hires: IMST. Documentation should come from IMS Steering Group.
  • Adding EMTF to card: Documentation should come from IMS Steering Group.
  • IMS: Teams should be rostered. (IMST, IMSA, IMSM)
  • Additional individuals will be ordered as individual overhead and should be statused as available. Practice closest forces.
summary continued
Summary continued
  • EMT’s: Should be hired through Buying Team on EERA, unless your local area already have in Iteam.
  • AD Hiring: Do not hire EMT’s as AD’s.
  • If qualified through IMS program, hire as IMST, IMSA, IMSM.