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Impression management

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Impression management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Impression management . Applied to real life. Impression management. Behaving in ways so that others perceive us how we want to be perceived. How to do it - positively. Self descriptions (personal characteristics) Conformity (agree with someone for approval)

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impression management

Impression management

Applied to real life

impression management2
Impression management
  • Behaving in ways so that others perceive us how we want to be perceived
how to do it positively
How to do it - positively
  • Self descriptions (personal characteristics)
  • Conformity (agree with someone for approval)
  • Accounts (give excuses, justifications)
  • Apologies (admit and ask forgiveness)
  • Acclaiming (taking credit)
  • Flattery (saying nice things make yourself likable)
  • Favors (doing something nice – tit for tat?)
does im work
Does IM work?
  • Study:applicants for customer-service position used IM techniques
  • Researchers: it was IM techniques, not qualifications that impressed interviewers.
job search
Job Search

Can you do the job?

Will you do the job?

Will you fit in?

Measured by everything -

What you write, say, do.

effective resumes interviews
Effective resumes, interviews
  • Value-adding job-related qualifications, potential
  • What you did.
  • How well you did it.
  • The past is the best predictor of future success
  • Think: quantity, scope, difficulty, complexity, trust, initiative, results….



XYZ fraternity/sorority

  • Fundraising chair. Responsible for all activities related to raising funds for philanthropic activities of the house.
  • Fundraising chair. Coordinated efforts of six member team. Planned and managed three events which raised $7,000, a 50% increase over previous year.
  • Oregon State University

BA Business with minors in Communication and Psychology. 3.17 GPA

Earned 100% of college expenses by working and going to school - fulltime for three years and part time for three years.

resum e value added work experience
Resume: Value-added work experience
  • Target to goal
  • Focus on value and results – not just job duties. Reenergized the ( ) by…
  • Quantify results: recruited 12 new members; managed $50,000 budget.
  • Focus on accomplishments: what challenges did you overcome? How did you approach the challenge? What was the result?
  • Include honors, awards, activities
resume value added work experience
Resume Value- added work experience
  • Make it readable
    • Use both paragraphs (scope of responsibility) and bullets (accomplishments)
  • Use power words
  • Be honest and ethical. Be able to provide evidence or facts to support any assertions
  • Make it professional – spell check, proof, have a friend read and review
  • Omit personal data
resume objective optional
Resume objective (optional)
  • A position that offers challenge and opportunity for advancement
  • A food technologist position to apply skills in lab testing, quality assurance and data base management
cover letters
Cover letters
  • Targeted to specific company and position
  • Focus on benefits company will receive from your
    • Technical
    • Conceptual – transferrable
    • Self-management - people skills
  • Watch out for the “I’s”
  • Sweaty Palms: the Neglected Art of Being Interviewed, H. Anthony Medley
  • What Color is Your Parachute, Richard Nelson Bolles
  • Resumes???? 100’s of new books