Hope this gives you information by kiera and anusha
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Hope this gives you information! By Kiera and Anusha . Who Was Anne Frank?. Info about Anne Frank. Anne (Annelies) Frank was born in Germany (Frankfurt) on the 12 th of June 1929. She had a mother named Edith, a father named Otto and a sister named Margot. Anne Frank.

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Hope this gives you information by kiera and anusha

Hopethisgives you information!ByKieraandAnusha

Who Was Anne Frank?

Info about anne frank
Info about Anne Frank

Anne (Annelies) Frank was born in Germany (Frankfurt) on the 12th of June 1929.

She had a mother named Edith, a father named Otto and a sister named Margot.

Anne Frank

She lived most of her life in or near Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.

She died at the age of 15, early March 1945 at Bergen- Belsen concentration camp.

Her father, Otto was the only survivor from the Frank family.

She was German until 1941 then she was stateless.

Their hiding place
Their Hiding Place

Then there was eight people hiding in the annex in Amsterdam and they never left their hiding place until the fateful day of August 4th 1944 when they were discovered and arrested and sent to concentration camp.

Anne Frank’s family had four people hiding in the annex before another family of three moved in with them. Later on in the year they adopted another person into their hiding place.

Anne frank and her family
Anne Frank and her family

  • In May 1940 Germany invaded the Netherlands.

  • Anne Frank was the youngest of her family.

  • The Frank sisters had highly distinct personalities.

  • Anne Frank was outspoken, energetic and extroverted, she was a very nice girl!

  • In 1938 Otto Frank started a second company called Pectacon which was a wholesaler of herbs, pickling salt and mixed spices in the production of sausages.

Anne frank facts
Anne Frank Facts

Because they were Jewish they could not use public transportso they walked several km from their home wearing seven layers of clothing each

On Monday 6th July 1942 the Franks family moved in to theirsecret hiding place and left Anne Franks cat called Moortje.

More info about anne
More info about Anne!

  • She named her diary Kitty and everyday she wrote in it about how she was feeling during the war.

  • Victor Kulgar, Johannes Kleiman, Meip Gies and Bep Voskujil were the only employees who knew that the Franks were hiding.

Quiz time
Quiz Time!!

  • What was Anne Frank’s fathers name?

  • What age did Anne Frank die?

  • Was Anne Frank Jewish?

  • Where did Anne Frank live most of her life in?

  • What Was Anne Frank’s sisters name?


  • Otto Frank

  • age of 15

  • Yeah

    4.Amsterdam near the Netherlands

    5. Margot Frank

Hope you liked it

Hopeyou liked it!

ByKieraand Anusha