surf music and the british invasion
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Surf Music and the British Invasion

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Surf Music and the British Invasion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Surf Music and the British Invasion . Mr. Cowan AMU4EI. California . 1950’s and 1960’s saw a huge influx in people looking for new opportunities in California Many travelled with the hopes of fun, sun and jobs. California represented a new music that was bright, fun, and playful

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  • 1950’s and 1960’s saw a huge influx in people looking for new opportunities in California
  • Many travelled with the hopes of fun, sun and jobs.
  • California represented a new music that was bright, fun, and playful
  • Glorified beaches, bikinis, and hot rods which all promoted this “California Myth”
surfing u s a
Surfing U.S.A

Originated in Hawaii and became extremely popular in the 1950’s in California

100,000 teens became surfers virtually overnight

Music sprung up around the surfing movement and became the soundtrack to their lives

surf music
Surf Music

Surf music reflected and promoted the myth of the California wonderland

Glorified one of the most attractive elements of the California myth….

Beaches and Girls….

the sound of the surf
The Sound of the Surf

Surf music originated with Dick Dale and the Deltones

Musician fused his 2 passions in life…surfing and music

During the summer of 1961, Dale was playing around California at parties and dances

Released records for surfers:

“Surf Beat”, “Surfing Drums”, “Lets go Tripping”

the beach boys1
The Beach Boys

Brought surf music to the main stage

Consisted of: Brian Wilson, his 2 brothers, a cousin, and a classmate

Smoothed out the edges of the rougher sounding surf music by combining beautiful harmonies and pop music

Within weeks of recording their first single, “surfin” hit the top 100 charts

the beach boys2
The Beach Boys

In May of 1963, they released “Surfin’ USA

In 1964, scored a huge hit with “Surfer Girl”

Video: Surfer Girl, Surfin Safari

Sound began to evolve away from the pop surf sound they were famous for

Brian Wilson took control (genius)

By 1964, the road became too much for Wilson and he suffered an anxiety attack and quit touring

Wanted to

focus on recording

and producing

Sound evolved and was heavily influenced by the psychedelic movement

Released “Pet Sounds” with the hit “Good Vibrations”

Video: Good Vibrations

brian s breakdown
Brian’s Breakdown

Wilson became a frequent user of LSD

Led to a nervous breakdown

Put the album they were working on on the shelf

pet sounds
Pet Sounds

Wilson heard the Beatles’ “Rubber Soul” in 1965 and wanted to write a response to it and he was moved by the album

Then wanted to make the “…greatest album ever made!”

Released pet sounds in 1966

Songs were sophisticated and complex

Heavily influences by LSD

Complex harmonies

Layered instrumentation

Experimenting with recording techniques and instruments

Hits included: “Wouldn’t it be Nice, “God Only Knows”

Received praise from critics but album sales were low

Brian withdrew from touring to complete the album

Beach Boys were touring in Japan and upon their return, the record was nearly complete

Mike Love and the members were strongly against this new approach

Started issues in the band that would never really go away

good vibrations
Good Vibrations

Single releases in 1966

Song became the band’s biggest hit

Spent more money on this single than most bands did on entire albums

Took over 3 months to record at 3 different studios

Features the theremin


Began recording in late ’66 and early ’67

Wilson solo album  band didn’t agree

Wilson was under a tremendous amount of pressure to finish the album

He was addicted to a variety of drugs

The album was shelved and not released until 2004

mental breakdown
Mental Breakdown

Drugs took over his life

1969-1970: healthy, lost weight

Following his father’s death in 1973, Wilson slipped into a deep depression

Took a lot of drugs and overate

Voice deteriorated (smoking, drugs)

Stayed in bed for months