non fiction reading and characteristics n.
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Non-Fiction: Reading and Characteristics

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Non-Fiction: Reading and Characteristics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Non-Fiction: Reading and Characteristics . What is Non-Fiction?. Tells about things that are real Inspired by excitement about a subject. What genre’s are nonfiction? We are going to look at the following literary elements: Personification Style Alliteration Irony Flashback. Essay:.

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what is non fiction
What is Non-Fiction?
  • Tells about things that are real
  • Inspired by excitement about a subject.
  • What genre’s are nonfiction?
  • We are going to look at the following literary elements:
    • Personification
    • Style
    • Alliteration
    • Irony
    • Flashback
  • The word essay dates back to the 16 century French writer Montaigne.
  • He jotted down ideas on several subjects and called them Essais
  • Essay are written for several reasons:
    • Entertain
    • Inform
    • Explain
    • Persuade
    • Describe
essay s continued
Essay’s Continued:
  • General purpose is an attempt to say something about a subject, but not everything.
  • Examples of Essays:
    • Article
    • Sports Column
    • A movie review
    • Editorial
how to read an essay
How to read an Essay:
  • To read an essay you need to be in active reader:
    • Aware of what the author is trying to say
    • Pay attention to the subject and the way it is arranged
    • Look for elements of style (we will address these as a class)
    • Guidelines for a class reading:
      • Determine the purpose
      • Determine the tone
      • Personality of writer
      • Main Idea of essay
the whistle background


The Whistle: Background
  • Informal Essay
  • Written by Benjamin Franklin
  • Teaches a lesson that he has observed from others
  • Reader Notes to guide how you might tackle the reading of an essay are provided
in the jungle notes
In the Jungle: Notes
  • 5 minute write:
  • Why do people go to the jungle?
  • As you read determine Annie Dillard’a purpose for being in the jungle.
cold weather
Cold Weather:
  • Read selection.
  • Work on Study Guide
  • Writing: Explain the difference between the reasons the Ben Franklin uses the genre Non-Fiction, how Annie Dillard uses non-fiction, and the way it is used in Cold Weather? How do they all use it for different purposes? (5 SENTENCE MINIMUM)
  • Tomorrow we will read “The Hawk is Flying”.
  • Thursday, Quiz on ALL 3 STORIES – Into the Jungle, Cold Weather, The Hawk is Flying.
the hawk is flying
The Hawk is Flying
  • Read Selection.
  • Work on Study Guide
  • Quiz on “Into the Jungle”; “Cold Weather”; “The Hawk is Flying” TOMORROW!
learn with book
Learn With BOOK
  • 5 minute write:
    • How easy are books to handle?
    • How portable are they?
    • What if you had to carry a computer?
your turn
  • Using the internet, do some research on how modern day technology or any product is advertised. Gain some ideas.
  • Think of something that is “outdated”:
    • Telephone with cord
    • Pump sneakers
    • Nordic Trek

1) Attempt to Re-market this item to today’s society.

grading for commercial
Grading for Commercial

1) Create a script to be typed up and turned in first.

2) Use photo booth to find an effective background and to film your commercial.

3) The following should be evident in your movie. Consider the following:

- How did you appeal to your audience

- What reasons did you give for why you might want this product

- What counter-arguments do you think you audience might make for not needing this product. How could you address these.

- Read through the Satire section on page 267. In what ways did your commercial use Satire like the essay “Learning with BOOK”

3 complete class periods!

1) Look at examples (research), find product, find background

2) Type scripts and get approval

3) Shoot commercial

clean fun at riverhead
Clean Fun at Riverhead
  • What feelings or emotions does this picture create?
clean fun at riverhead1
Clean Fun at Riverhead
  • What is this a picture of:
clean fun at riverhead2
Clean Fun at Riverhead
  • Objective: Analyze the style and purpose of Wolfe’s writing in “Clean Fun at Riverhead”.
  • Consider: Rome had arena sports with gladiators waging bloody battles. The modern era has demolition derbies. Wolfe asks:
    • Has society really made much progress in the development of humaneness?
biography autobiography
Biography & Autobiography
  • Both try and capture the qualities of character that define a person’s life.
  • Ways to present information in this genre:
    • Document Objectively
    • Interpretation
    • All make subjective connections
    • Writers interpret and sort out evidence to share with us (have a stance)


1- Organized around one major event.

2- Series of events without one single focus

3- Sense of life from beginning to the end

Overall IDEA: To understand the meaning of human life and perhaps the secret of success and failure in living.

peter the great
Peter The Great
  • 5 minute write:
    • List some great rulers in history.
the death of socrates
The Death of Socrates
  • What do you already know about Socrates?
    • Did you know:
          • Socrates wore one garment all year and walked barefoot on the snow?
the death of socrates1
The Death of Socrates
  • 200 Word Response (use please respond to the following prompt:

Discuss what Socrates says about how his followers may please him. Discuss what Socrates means when he says that only his body will be buried. Discuss also his last prayer, last request, and his beliefs about how one should face death.


the life of caesar
The Life of Caesar:
  • Julius Caesar:
    • Military Genius
    • Ruler of Rome