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Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region PowerPoint Presentation
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Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region

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Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region
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  1. Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region as a Tool for the Ljubljana Urban Region Added Value Lilijana Madjar, MA First Balkan Regional Forum Ruse, 10-11 September 2009

  2. Contents • Cartography, factography • National Governance Framework • Planning Process • Instruments for Implementation • Innovation

  3. 1. Cartography, factography STATISTICAL REGIONS OF SLOVENIA

  4. The Ljubljana Urban Region 26 municipalities area 2555 km2 population 503935 360344 persons in employment 242018 persons in paid employment 2458 job vacancies 16647 registered unemployedpersons 12.7% of unemployed persons with post secondary education 8844 agricultural holdings 391545 tourist arrivals . 722585 tourist overnight stays Heterogeneous region Source: SORS, 2008

  5. Objectives of the Ljubljana Urban Region Functioning conurbation By 2013, more than 80% of the population will have had access to public areas and public transport withing 300 metres of air distance on avarage. Creative people and successful companies By 2013, the added value per employee will have increased by 10% in the region. The Region with a European capital with the highest quality of life in Europe.

  6. Development of the Region The Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RDA LUR) together with other development agents in the region provides the necessary educational, financial, entrepreneurial, environmental and social infrastructure for the development of the region. How do we do that? • Connecting: The development agency connects all the regional development efforts, ideas and subjects. • Dialogue: Opening space for dialogue and establishing quality information flow among all the interested parties. • Consensus: Creating conditions for reaching a consensus about the development strategyof the region and its implementation among all social partners, authorities, management of companies, organizations, employers and employees, civil society.

  7. 2. National Governance Framework • No administrative level between the national and municipal level in Slovenia • Regional development policy is carried out through inter-municipal cooperation • Legislation stimulates the formation of common inter-municipal institutions, whose competence is defined along the delimitation of NUTS3 regions • The institution responsible for the tasks assigned by the national regional development policy is the council of the region, whose members are mayors of the municipalities of the region and regional development council, whose members are representatives of all municipalities in the region, chambers of commerce, trade unions, ...

  8. The Vision of the Agency Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region aims to become a friendly and useful agency for all the citizens of the region. At the same time it strives to become an internationally acclaimed and competitive development agency. This will successfully contributes to the development of not only the Ljubljana Urban Region but also Slovenia as a whole, thus helping to accelerate regional development both in Slovenia and among EU member countries.

  9. The Mission of the Agency We are an agency that supports economic, social and cultural activities in the municipalities of central-Slovenia. The main aim of this support is to make the region a friendly and recognisable entity with common goals.We support recognisable and high quality projects in the field of regional development and all the necessary information for their effective realization into everyday life.

  10. The Main Activities of the Agency • Development of relationships between the public and private sector on local, regional, national and international levels in order to promote development initiatives and enhance coherent regional development. • Acceleration of integrated regional development. • Planning and implementation of regional and other development programmes. • Acquisition of domestic and foreign financial support.

  11. 3. Planning Process • Regional development programme (RDP) is the main programming document at the inter-municipal level • It represents agreement between municipalities and other regional stakeholders as well as with the national government on development of the region in the current programming period • RDPs define key development directions, priorities and programmes municipalities wish to implement in the future in the fields of economic, social, spatial and environmental development as well as tools and sources for their implementation.

  12. Planning Process Regional Development Programme of LUR • Vision: “Ljubljana Urban Region is a conurbation, intertwined with nature. The region will achieve high level of global competitiveness and high-quality living through encouraging creativity and cooperation.” • To reach this vision three key objectives are set: • A functioning conurbation - on average, more than 80 % of people will have access to public areas and public transport within 300 meters of air distance by 2013. • Creative people and successful companies – the added value per employee will increase by 10 % by 2013. • To become a region with ‘a European capital’, where the quality of life is the highest in Europe.

  13. Planning Process Regional Development Programmeof LUR • The measures: • Accessibility for human well being, • Preservation of natural and cultural heritage, • Planning to ensure a high quality of the living space, • Efficient public utility service, • Equal opportunities – the contribution to regional competitiveness, • Culture – competitive advantage of the region, • E-government and • Supporting environment for entrepreneurship

  14. Planning Process The stakeholders involved • 26 municipalities of the Ljubljana Urban Region: Borovnica, Brezovica, Dobrepolje, Dobrova – Polhov Gradec, Dol pri Ljubljani, Domžale, Grosuplje, Horjul, Ig, Ivančna Gorica, Kamnik, Komenda, Litija, Ljubljana, Log-Dragomer, Logatec, Lukovica, Medvode, Mengeš, Moravče, Škofljica, Šmartno pri Litiji, Trzin, Velike Lašče, Vodice and Vrhnika • Government Office for Local Self-government and Regional Policy • The process was coordinated by the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region, providing also the technical and administrative support for the planning process

  15. Planning Process Relation to other levels • Prepared in parallel with the National Development Programme 2007-2013 as well as National Strategic Reference Framework • Input for municipal spatial plans Main tools • Council of the Region • Regional Development Council • Development forums, workshops

  16. 4. Instruments for Implementation The Implementation Plan of the RDP • The Implementation Plan of the RDP is defined as the key instrument for implementation in the national legislative framework • Dynamical document, which can be updated and revised throughout the implementation period. • It is prepared separately for two halves of this programming period:the first one for 2007-2009 and the second one from 2010-2012 • The Implementation Plan contains a list of project proposals to be implemented under each priority measure

  17. Instruments for Implementation The Implementation Plan of the RDP • Lacks its own budget • Instead it depends on funds from the municipal budgets, private investors, and from the national sources, where they have to be successful at the calls for national or EU funds • Limited national and EU funds for the Ljubljana Urban Region • The implementation of the RDP thus relies mostly on municipal and private funds. This presents a great risk for fragmentation of resources.

  18. Instruments for Implementation Implementation • The Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region thus focused the implementation on a limited number of projects of strategic importance for the whole urban region. • The first three projects that were initiated (all successful at the call for EU funds) thus deal with: • regional spatial planning concept and • regional plan of integrated public transport • regional scholarships.

  19. Instruments for Implementation Implementation • Regional spatial planning concept • strengthening common understanding of the development opportunities and their spatial distribution • helping to identify key projects of regional importance for further programming • Regional plan of integrated public transport • addressing a key challenge of the region • preparation for investments in basic infrastructure • Regional scholarship scheme • granting scholarships from a development and not a social perspective • encouraging companies to plan the staff development • encouraging secondary and university students to train for perspective professions in the region and to complete their studies faster

  20. 5. Innovation Economic region specialization presupposes focusing on endogenous development, based on recognizing specific characteristicsof social capital and predominant enterprise initiative. Therefore, we encourage the following development factors: • entrepreneurship, • human resources development • technological development • innovations.

  21. Innovation The development of region competitiveness is based on the accelerated implementation of learning region and searching for qualitative components of economic growth (innovative products, newtechnologies). Thus, regional innovation system, is becomingthe basis of economic and social power of region, which ensure constant supply of new technologies and knowledge to the region. The main role of RDA LUR: to provide the environment for innovation development.

  22. Business zoneLogatec Business zone Škofljica Industrial environment (small, medium, big enterprises Technology zone Litostroj Educatinal environment ( secundary, high schools, university Business zone Vrhnika Incubator Vrhnika Technology zone Brdo Business zone Grosuplje Incubator Incubator Grosuplje Incubator Litija Pre-incubator Technology parc Ljubljana Incubator Kamnik Business zoneDomžale Incubator Domžale Business zoneKomendi Research environment (public, private institutes, centres, innovators) Business zoneTrzin RDA LUR Funds And other support organisations Business zoneDolsko

  23. The Vision of the Region • TheLjubljana Urban Region • is a conurbation, intertwined with nature. • The region will achieve a high level of global competitiveness and a high-quality of living through encouraging creativity and co-operation. • The entire region will benefit from Ljubljana being • a European capital.

  24. Contact The Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (R R A L U R), tehnološki park 19, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, phone: +386 1 306 1901, fax: +386 1 306 1903, e-mail: ,, internet: Thank you !