Eumetcast eumetsat s broadcast system for environmental data
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EUMETCast EUMETSAT’s Broadcast System for Environmental Data. Concept & Overview. Generic, multi-mission dissemination system based on the standard DVB multicast technology Use of commercial telecommunication satellites Allowing use of off-the shelf, commercial, inexpensive equipment

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Eumetcast eumetsat s broadcast system for environmental data
EUMETCastEUMETSAT’s Broadcast Systemfor Environmental Data

Concept overview
Concept & Overview

  • Generic, multi-mission dissemination system based on the standard DVB multicast technology

  • Use of commercial telecommunication satellites

  • Allowing use of off-the shelf, commercial, inexpensive equipment

  • DVB/MPEG-2 based transport for carrying IP datagrams

  • Use of a set of broadcast satellite forward channels (no return channel)

  • Components:

    • Data providers

    • Service management provider (EUMETSAT)

    • Uplink service provider

    • Turn around service provider(s)

    • Satellites

    • (Reference) Reception stations


  • Data Providers

    • Provide, via FTP over a number of communication lines (Internet, VPN, leased lines, …), the files to be disseminated, currently:

      • EUMETSAT

      • DWD (Germany)

      • OSI SAF (Norway & France)

      • VITO (Belgium, Vegetation Products)

  • Service Management Provider (EUMETSAT)

    • Performs all service configuration (bandwidth, users, encryption parameters, dissemination parameters, …) to the DVB uplink provider via FTP over a secure communication line

Eumetcast eumetsat s broadcast system for environmental data

Data Providers & Service Management Provider



Service Management

Other Sources







  • Turn around Service Provider(s)

    • Receives the DVB signal provided by the uplink service provider

    • Retransmits the data (on DVB packet level) to another S/C

    • Receives retransmitted data by a local reference reception station for service monitoring and service level agreement tracking

    • One turn around service implemented for African Users (not covered by the uplink service)

    • Current contract with Telespazio

    • Turn around station in Fucino/Italy


  • Satellites

    • Commercial digital TV geostationary satellites for data reception and transmission

    • Uplink service S/C:

      • Hotbird-6

      • Located at 13 degree East

      • Ku-Band transponder used

    • Turn around service S/C:

      • Atlantic Bird-3

      • Located at 5 degree West

      • C-Band transponder used


  • (Reference) Reception Stations

    • Same equipment for different purpose

      • Reference reception stations for monitoring of the health of the system and for service level agreement tracking

      • Reception stations for the end users

    • Consisting of antenna/feed/LNB, DVB receiver card, Workstation & S/W

    • Antenna:

      • Size (diameter) depending on EIRP figure at location (=> table)

    • LNB:

      • For Ku-band: standard digital TV LNB

      • For C-band: different brands, proposed by service provider and used at EUMETSAT: California Amplifier 140105-1


  • DVB Receiver Cards used at EUMETSAT

    • TechniSat SkyStar2

    • BroadLogic V@box 2030

    • Pentamedia Pent@value

  • Workstations

    • Standard / state-of-the-art PC (with USB port)

  • Software

    • Operating Systems: Windows suite & LINUX

    • EUMETCast Client Software: tq®-TELLICAST

      • Supporting processing, monitoring & logging of incoming data

  • Configuration constraints:

    • Recommended/tested combinations:

      Ku/C-band <=> DVB receiver card <=> Operating System


EIRP to Dish Size Conversion Table (indicative)


Dish, cm






















Eumetcast eumetsat s broadcast system for environmental data

Components: Parts and Costs of a Reception Station

DVB Standard Hardware

LNB Ku-/C-band & Satellite Dish

200/1000 EUR


100 EUR

DVB Multicast Client software

60 EUR

EUMETCast key unit (EKU)

40 EUR

PC, Hard disk, Ethernet

800 EUR

1.200/2000 EUR

C band reception issues
C-band Reception Issues

  • 2.4 m antenna dish recommended for Africa & Europe (3.0 to 3.7 m for some African/Indian Ocean islands)

  • 1.8 m dish in many cases sufficient (depending also on the quality (noise temperature) of the LNB

  • C-band significantly less susceptible than Ku-band to rain attenuation, but suffering frequently from electromagnetic interference (mainly radar)

  • Implementation of bandpass filters has shown good results => elimination of (nearly) all interferences

Current services
Current Services

  • High Rate SEVIRI Image Data - data from Meteosat-8

  • Low Rate SEVIRI Image Data - data from Meteosat-8

  • Rapid Scanning Service (RSS) - data from Meteosat-6

  • High Resolution Image (HRI) - data from Meteosat-7

  • Indian Ocean Data Coverage (IODC) - data from Meteosat-5

  • Data Collection and Retransmission (DCP)

  • Meteorological Data Dissemination (MDD)

  • Meteorological Products (including Satellite Application Facility products)

  • EUMETSAT ATOVS Retransmission Service (EARS)

  • Foreign Satellite Data (FSD)


Service monitoring
Service Monitoring

  • Each data provider is responsible for the monitoring of its own data

  • EUMETSAT monitors the end to end service for the data provided by EUMETSAT

  • Each service provider (uplink service and turnaround services) is responsible for monitoring its complete service (penalties in case of failing to accomplish the service level agreement)


  • Enables independent targeting of files towards a single user or group of users

  • Enables secure control of access at individual file & user level

  • Encryption in accordance with EUMETSAT’s data policy

  • Using the tq-tellicast server S/W

  • Based on the Blowfish algorithm (symmetric 128 bit data keys)

  • Performed in the EUMETCast uplink server

  • Data keys valid for just one transmission

  • Data keys encrypted with private key of target user

  • On the fly encryption, can be switched off on a per channel basis


  • Decryption by the tq-tellicast client S/W in combination with a decryption device (EUMETCast Key Unit: EKU) and the EKU S/W package

  • EKU is an USB device

  • EKU in conjunction with corresponding username and user_key/password enables decryption of licensed services

  • Only data described as “essential” are decrypted without EKU

  • EKUs are distributed by EUMETSAT to registered users

Eumetcast licensed essential services
EUMETCast Licensed & Essential Services

  • Licensed Services

    • Subject to a Licensing Procedure

    • Involving Secretariat and National Met Services

    • Comprising forms, tellicast S/W and EKUs

  • Essential Services

    • No licensing, but registration by the Secretariat

    • Provision of tellicast S/W & generic username/password

    • EKU not required

User registration
User Registration

  • Steps for Access to the EUMETCast Services:

    • Complete the EUMETCast Registration Form, indicating the requested services

    • If access to licensed service(s) requested, EUMETSAT’s User Service Helpdesk will forward your Registration Form to the relevant Licensing Agent (generally the National Met Service)

    • Once licensing procedure completed (and bill paid for EUMETCast Client S/W & EKU):

      • Access granted (by encryption configuration)

      • Reception of EUMETCast Client S/W

      • Reception of username and user_key/password

      • Reception of EKU (if required)

Eumetcast service availability
EUMETCast Service Availability

  • EURD figure (complete & timely Repeat Cycles): 95%

  • MOSS figure (complete & timely Repeat Cycles): 99%

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) with both service providers (T-Systems and TELESPAZIO): 99.50%

  • Ku-band Performance (following graph):

    • T-Systems HRIT segment figures only, comprising performance of uplink system, Hotbird-6 and reference reception station

  • C-band Performance (following graph):

    • TELESPAZIO HRIT segments figures only, comprising perf. of turn-around system, Atlantic Bird-3 and ref. reception station

  • Total Performance (following graph):

    • Percentage of complete and timely received Repeat Cycles, covering all non-availabilities (Ground Segment & Service Prov.)

Eumetcast service extensions envisaged
EUMETCast Service Extensions Envisaged

  • Evolution of Meteosat-8 meteorological products

    • New products based on prototyping by MET (Clear sky Reflectance Map product (CRM) being the next one)

    • Updates of existing products based on operational experience

  • VEGETATION derived products for Africa

    • VEGETATION products from the VEGETATION instrument on SPOT

    • Operational trial phase has started, dissemination of 10 day Vegetation Index product (S10NDVI) to Users in Africa

  • EUMETCast/EPS Convergence

    • EPS global products to be disseminated using EUMETCast;

    • Initially, this focuses on level 1 and 2 global products generated in the CGS at EUM;

    • Global level 1 and 2 PDUs per instrument will be available as a EUMETCast service;

    • Will be extended to SAF products as appropriate.

Eumetcast service extensions envisaged1
EUMETCast Service Extensions Envisaged

  • EUMETCast coverage extension to South America

    • implementation of a turn-around system – similar to that provided by TELESPAZIO for Africa => under discussion with member states

  • Basic meteorological Data from WMO regional Association VI

    • RA VI is Europe and Middle East

    • Use of EUMETCast for basic provision of observations and forecasts

    • Working Group under RA VI is establishing user requirements

    • Formal proposal to EUMETSAT delegate bodies presented

  • Extension of DWDSAT service planned by DWD (Spring 2005)