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  1. FOOD Sponsored By gymnasium #12 Novosibirsk Russia

  2. Russia FOOD We have got a national recipe, its name is ocrohska. It is a potato, cucumber, sausage, eggs and kvass (mildly alcoholic drink made from fermented rye bread, yeast or berries). I like to eat pizza and big cake as usual. We don’t make the big pastry castle or cake. We buy them in a shop. In our country we prepare fish soup and fish rissole. We haven't got in our city McDonalds but we have New-York pizza. Kirill Perepelov

  3. Russia The national food in Russia is pancakes. We eat different food, but we prefer pancakes and potatoes. In my country people prefer to eat red fish, but it’s only my own opinion. In my city there are many different cafes, restaurants, but we haven’t got McDonalds the city. The big castle you can make from salty paste. Alexey Chechulin FOOD

  4. Russia The national food in Russia is fish soup. I’m usually eating soup. We can make-fish soup, grilled fish and barbecued fish. We haven’t got McDonalds the city. We have got famous cafe and restaurants. FOOD

  5. Russia FOOD Our national dish “Fish soup.” It’s fish, onion, water and potato. We usually eat chicken, salad and biscuits. We can marinate fish and we like smoked fish. We no haven’t got McDonalds. We have café ”Pizza”. Georgiy Zhuravlev

  6. Russia I have got one recipe : roasted potatoes peel and roast potatoes on frying-pan. I usually eat soup with bread and drink tea. The big pastry castle is prepared with confectioner’s device. In my country we usually prepare roast fish on frying –pan. In my city we have café McDonalds. I know one famous café in my city. It is “New York Pizza”. Yuliya Shanina FOOD

  7. Canada FOOD

  8. Canada FOOD