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The Recruitment Process

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The Recruitment Process - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Recruitment Process. Why Vacancies Occur. Vacancies can happen for a number of reasons: Business expanding Need for new skills Promotion Retirement Temporary factors – maternity leave , illness. The stages of recruitment. Job Description. Person Specification. Job Advert.

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why vacancies occur
Why Vacancies Occur

Vacancies can happen for a number of reasons:

Business expanding

Need for new skills



Temporary factors – maternity leave, illness

the stages of recruitment
The stages of recruitment

Job Description

Person Specification

Job Advert

Short List from applicants

Interview and selection


job description
Job Description

The Job Description describes

  • the duties or tasks involved in the job
  • the job title
  • responsibilities attached to the job
  • position in company
  • place of work
  • employment conditions (holidays, salary etc.).
person specification
Person Specification

The Person Specification describes the skills, knowledge and experienceneeded to complete the job, including:

  • educational requirement - qualifications
  • experience needed
  • skills and industry knowledge
  • perhaps physical attributes (e.g. for fireman)
  • aspects of personality that describe the ideal person

The job advert will be based on the job description and the person specification. It will give details of;

  • job title
  • salary
  • location
  • benefits
  • responsibilities
  • the skills and qualifications needed
  • how to apply for the job
  • The position can be advertised internally or externally
short list
Short List

There may be hundreds of applicants for any job advertised.

Not all will be interviewed, so a short list of the best candidates

is prepared. Those on the short list, perhaps as many as 5 or 6

for any position will be interviewed.

Short listing by large companies may involve online tests of personality,

basic skillsand problem solving

  • Interviews are often best carried out by a panel consisting of a specialist personnel manager, a manager from the department the person is applying to and an independent member. This would allow an all-round picture of the candidate be arrived at.
  • Interviews will in the main be based around questions on
  • contents of applicants CV
  • knowledge of industry
  • candidates understanding of the job
  • The actual choice of candidates may not just depend on interview, the application process can also contain tests for personality and aptitude , for example teacher interviews often include the presentation of a lesson to a class.
  • Once candidates have been selected and before they formally start their job of work, they should go through an induction process. Induction training will probably occur the day the new employee starts work.
  • Induction involves introducing a new employee to the workplace
  • to the administrative systems of the employer such as holiday arrangements, pay systems and who to tell if absent because of sickness
  • introducing the new employee to work mates and direct line management
  • basic training on use of equipment and IT systems
  • clear explanation of tasks and duties
  • chance for the new staff member to ask questions