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NSDI Switzerland

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Hans Rudolf Gnägi Switzerland. NSDI Switzerland. Organizational and fundamental aspects Foundation: o Swiss super federalism, 26 Kantons (since 1291, 1848) o RAV , revision of official surveying (1983 – 1993) o Model Driven Architecture (INTERLIS) (1985 – 1991)

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nsdi switzerland

Hans Rudolf Gnägi


NSDI Switzerland
  • Organizational and fundamental aspects
    • Foundation:

o Swiss super federalism, 26 Kantons (since 1291, 1848)

o RAV , revision of official surveying (1983 – 1993)

o Model Driven Architecture (INTERLIS) (1985 – 1991)

o Competence Center (1994)

o KOGIS coordination group for federal GI * (1.1.2001)

    • Standards: o SN612010 Data security (SN = Swiss Norm)

o SN612020 Datareference model DXF (Drawing eXchange File)

o SN612030 INTERLIS 1, SN612031 INTERLIS 2

o SN612040 Addresses of buildings

o SN612050 Metadata (profile of ISO19115)

o SIA 405, 2013, 2014 Utilities (SIA Swiss Engineers & Architec.)

o ISO191xx application (xx = 03,07,09,10,11,15,17,18)

o OGC principles for access to distributed data

* new: NGN National platform geo-standards (Geo-Normen)

nsdi switzerland1
NSDI Switzerland
  • Organizationaland fundamental aspects
    • Legal framework:

o ZGB (ZivilGesetzBuch), Swiss civil code

o BRB (BundesRatsBeschluss) Federal Government

Executuve Order on L+T (LandesTopographie) federal

office of topography)

o VAV (Verordnung amtliche Vermessung), order for the

official surveying

o TVAV (Technische VAV), technical order for off. Surv.

o BRB on KOGIS (coordination group for Gi on fdl. level)

- Funding:

o official survey, KOGIS: federal;

o standards: mixed *

* new: NGN National platform geo-standards (Geo-Normen)

nsdi switzerland2
NSDI Switzerland
  • Organizationaland fundamental aspects
    • Roles and responsibilities:

o L+T: maps 1:25’000, 1:50’000, 1:100’000 etc

+ vector data digitized from maps

o V+D (VermessungsDirektion) directorate of official

surveying: cadastral data

o KOGIS: coordinate geo-data of all federal agencies

o SNV/SVVK (Swiss Standards assoc. / Swiss association

of surveying engineers): national and internat. standards

o SIA: utilities

    • Intellectual property rights and pricing: heterogeneous,

o aim KOGIS: basic data & maps 1:25’000, 1:50’000,

1:100’000 are available for free

    • Educational aspects: New needs MDA
nsdi switzerland3
NSDI: Switzerland
  • Content
    • Core data: maps (digital), vectors from maps (buildings,…)

cadastral (8 topics: points, land cover, parcels, adm.bd.)

    • Other data: Geostat, located addresses geo-post,

utilities (water, gas, waste water, electricity, telecom)

roads (strada DB)

    • Semantic interoperability:

Yes with INTERLIS 1 and ITF *

    • Data documentation:

Yes with object catalogs and INTERLIS 1 *

* New with UML(+) and INTERLIS 2 (OO replaces object relational) and XML/GML

nsdi switzerland av93 layers according federal law 1 1 1993
NSDI SwitzerlandAV93-layers according federal law (1.1.1993)

8 Information Layers:

Control points

Land cover

Single objects


Local names


Pipelines >5bar

Administrative subdivisions

nsdi switzerland4
NSDI Switzerland
  • Access to information
    • General

System-neutral (INTERLIS-based) – GIS-based (C-Plan, …)

fully public – inter-governamental

    • Discovery services

communal: Zurich (Geo-Shop, sn/ig), St.Moritz (gb/fp)

canton: Basel (Geo-Shop, sn/fp), Aargau (gb/fp), Zug (gb/ig)

federal: SIK/GIS catalog (DOS/fp) *

    • Data access and geoprocessing services

Geoshop = select,order and get data in different formats by

e-commerce methods (still system-neutral!)

* New (fall 2002): KOGIS metadata-server profiling ISO19115 (Geo-Shop, sn/fp). SIK = Swiss Informatics Conference

nsdi switzerland5
NSDI Switzerland
  • User expectations and benefit – objectives of the infrastructure
    • Driving applications

o official surveying

o cities and cantons on the Internet

o utilities

o national metadata server of KOGIS

o organization of national platform of geo-norms

    • eGovernment, eEurope

o “guichet virtuel” just starts Swiss federal e-government

o e-geo = GI part organized by KOGIS (fall 2002)

    • Exploitation of public information

o is actually possible on communal and cantonal level

o will be possible on federal level

nsdi switzerland highlights
NSDI Switzerland Highlights
  • Swiss Federal Geodata Strategy
    • Signed by the Federal Government and published in July, 2001 (see www.kogis.ch)
    • One of the main issues:

NSDI is of equal importance as traffic, and telecommunication infrastructures for Switzerland!


nsdi switzerland highlights1
NSDI Switzerland Highlights
  • The ISO approach applied in Switzerland

Experienced benefits of the model-driven approach:

    • Data transfer without information loss
    • computer-based data checking/validation
    • free schema extensibility through topic inheritance while remaining compatible
    • polymorphic read (automated reading of extended models)
    • presentation (portrayal) services based on conceptual graphic description capabilities
    • shareable symbology libraries
    • incremental update ... and more!