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No Stamps Necessary Use Email PowerPoint Presentation
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No Stamps Necessary Use Email

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No Stamps Necessary Use Email - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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No Stamps Necessary Use Email

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  1. No Stamps Necessary Use Email

  2. Today You Will Learn… The Basics of How Email Works How To Send and Receive Email Email Etiquette Practice Sending and Receiving Emails

  3. Parts of an Email Address

  4. Parts of An Email Address • User Name(refers to the recipient's mailbox)mjones • @ symbol@ • Host Name(Refers to the computer where the recipient has an email box) • Domain Name Email address looks like: NOTE: • All three parts of an email address must be present to send an email • There are NO spaces in an email address • Email domains are most of the time case insensitive. The address is equivalent to

  5. Put in an appropriate subject line. Use the BCC field to send the same email to several different people. Use emoticons to help people understand the “tone” of your message. Use appropriate grammar and punctuation. Use abbreviations sparingly. U don’t want the IRS, FBI, & CIA to use UPS to get the 411 they need from U no matter how Gr8 that mite B. Email Etiquette… Do… Don’t… • Type in ALL CAPS. IT LOOKS LIKE YOU ARE YELLING! • Correct someone’s grammar or spelling unless they ask. • Write a book. Remember most people have other things to do! • Assume that everything you type is private. • Assume people will read your email message and immediately respond. • Do Not Use the Forward Feature

  6. This Means This This Means This BCNU be seeing you BTW by the way :-) Smiley face FWIW for what it's worth FYI for your information IMHO in my humble opinion ;-) Wink (light sarcasm) OBO or best offer ROFL rolling on floor laughing :-| Indifference RTFM read the funny manual TNSTAAFL there's no such thing as a free lunch TTFN ta ta for now :-D Shock or surprise TTYL talk to you later :-/ Perplexed :-( Frown (anger or displeasure) :-P Wry smile :-e Disappointment :-@ Scream :-O Yell Email Abbreviations…

  7. Finding Folks • To evaluate the reliability of a particular directory, do a search to see if your address is listed. The ones we recommend include: •

  8. Attaching Files • Attach documents, pictures, even sound and video files.