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by margo valadao guest tomoko lance n.
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  1. By: Margo Valadao Guest: Tomoko Lance Japan

  2. Interesting Facts about Japan ~More than 70% of Japan consist of mountains, and more than 200 volcanoes (including Mt. Fuji) ~Japans literacy rate is almost 100% ~Somo wrestling is Japan’s national sport. ~There is around 1,500 earthquakes every year in Japan ~Tsukiji market in Tokyo is the world's largest fish market.

  3. Climate: Spring: Best time of year, temperatures range Summer: Rainy season, steam bath weather Fall: Very pleasant. Winter: Colder weather Geography: Size is slightly smaller than California Terrain: mostly rugged and mountainous Environmental Constraints:

  4. Religion Many religions are practiced in Japan, most Japanese follow Shintoism and Buddhism

  5. Japan has the third largest economy in the world Imports: Oil, foodstuff and wood Exports: cars, electronic devices and computers Industries: manufacturing, construction, distribution, service and communication are Japans major industries. Economy:

  6. Trains are the best way of transportation in Japan The Shinkansen (bullet train) is very common Transportation

  7. Food is all cooked on the stove-top Boiling, grilling, deep-frying, steaming, serving raw. Japanese and American meal arrangements. Rice is a staple component of virtually every meal Tend to eat many small courses as oppose to three larger main meal Cooking Method

  8. Rice Bowl: plain cooked rice Sushi: dishes vary Domburi: Rice with tempura, egg and chicken Onigiri: rice balls usually wrapped in seaweed KareRaisu: cooked rice with curry sauce Fried Rice: introduced from China Kayu: rice gruel, watery, soft cooked rice Chazuke: cooked rice with green tea and salmon or cod. Common Foods

  9. Golden Week: April 27th-May 6th New Years Celebration** Coming of Age Day: January 15th Setsubun: February 3rd Respect for Aged Day: September 15th Autumnal Equinox Day: September 23rd Holidays

  10. Name: Tomoko Lance From: Okinawa Average life expectancy in Okinawa: Men:80 Women:86 Not only long, but incredibly health and active lives Okinawa people invented Karate Very low rate of heart disease and hormone dependent cancers Guest Speaker

  11. Green Tea Incense Japanese rice candy Paper fan Chop Sticks Five Items:

  12. What are some of major differences in Okinawa and food here in the United States? How close to true Japanese food are the restaurants in America? Why did you choose to live in Chico, CA? What would a typical meal be in Okinawa? Any special meals prepared for certain occasions or parties (weddings, birthdays)? Do you cook traditional Okinawan food here in America? If so, do you come across any challenges in finding specific ingredients. Any Question from the class… Questions:

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