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The Forgotten PowerPoint Presentation
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The Forgotten

The Forgotten

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The Forgotten

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  1. Unit Title The Forgotten

  2. Presented By Nida Noor

  3. Grade Level • 3rd to 5th • Subject • Social studies

  4. Unit Summary As we all know that media has brought so many changing in our lives. Its bad effect has almost destroyed our new generation. They idealize Movie Heroes instead of National Heroes. This made me to do a project on this topic. My project is directly related to Social Studies. During this project my students will assume different roles as researchers, reporters and historian. The students will work in groups. In this way ,their collaboration ,communication skill and confidence will increase. Each group show their performance in the given assignment like multimedia presentation, newsletter and an authentic report. Their learning will be checked by Rubric, Checklist and KWL chart.

  5. Higher Order Skills • Demonstration • Comparison • Collaboration • Communication

  6. Curruiculum Framing Questions Essential Questions: Q. Who is a real hero? Q.What makes a man hero? Q.Why do we need a hero? Q.Can we bring a huge change in our lives without any hero? Q.Does history always need a hero to stand upon?

  7. Unit Questions: Q. Why do we follow Movie heroes instead of National Heroes? Q.Does a Movie hero is a hero in his real life? Q. What is the difference between a Movie Hero and a National Hero?

  8. Content Questions: • Q.How many national heroes we have ? Write their names. • Q.Who is Quaid-e-Azam ? What he did for us? • Q.Where and when Allama Iqbal born? • Q.Who gave the idea of Pakistan? • Q.When was Pakistan resolution passed?

  9. Standards for the Students • Knowledge of heroes and their names • Can difference between a Movie Hero and National Hero • Able to realize the reality of their heroes • Easily adopt the real heroes qualities in themselves • Able to Change others views about Heroes • Able to prove themselves as a real hero

  10. Students Objectives At the end of the project my students will be able to • Learn about the heroes • Differentiate between National and Movie heroes • Apply the real heroes qualities in themselves • Compare different kinds of heroes • Report the influence of heroes on different people • Conclude who is a hero in his real life • Take decision whom they have to follow as their heroes • Bring positive change in their lives by developing good habits and qualities in themselves