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Syrian Conflict PowerPoint Presentation
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Syrian Conflict

Syrian Conflict

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Syrian Conflict

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  1. Syrian Conflict .HSNA.

  2. What was the reason for the conflict? • The reason for this sudden uprising conflict is because of the president Bashar al-Assad. The Syrians were against the regime of the president in March,2011. The citizens wanted the president to resign but the president did not agree to their choices so they went on strike. As they went on strike, the government fought back and did not listen to their needs which worsened the situation. • The 2011 Arab Spring in Tunisia and Egypt inspired the Syrians to start protesting against Assad’s regime. The government was very angry with the protesters therefore they responded by killing, kidnapping, and torturing them. The government fought with fire and in response the citizens used fire as well. The government attacked the civilians with chemical weapons which formed more conflict between the government and the citizens.

  3. Which parties are involved? Popular Committees • Mavros Krinos • Arab Nationalist Guard • Liwa Dhu al-Fiqar • Slavic Corps • Faylak Wa’ al-Sadiq • al-Berri clan • Tayy tribe • al-Jihesh tribe Iran Quds Force Basij Direct military support: • Russia • North Korea • Iraq Indirect military support: Venezuela • Liwa Abu al-Fadhl al-Abbas • Badr Organization • Haidar al-Karar Brigade • Promised Day Brigades • Hezbollah • PFLP–GC • Syrian Social Nationalist Party • Jaysh al-Muwahhideen • Palestine Liberation Army • Syrian Resistance • Kata'ib Hezbollah • Ba'ath Brigades • Fatah al-Intifada • Arab Democratic Party • Houthis

  4. What is the present situation? • Syria is definitely not in the best shape right now. The people are dying and there are so many homeless families on the streets of Syria today. Now in Lebanon, there are so many Syrian Refugees that it is estimated to 120, 906 Syrian Refugees just in Lebanon. • They are also spreading around Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan and Turkey! Syria is suffering from numbering deaths, and several deadly bombs and other things that is making Syria a very, dangerous place today. • The president does not want to leave his presidency, and I think he would do anything to stay the president of Syria, even if it involves, killing his citizens and ruining his beloved country.

  5. What are the consequences for the children in that country or region? The children won’t be able to go to school, it would be harder for them to have fun and play outside. Their future will also be bad. In the future, they are going to be poor, and not educated so, they cannot get any job that can give them enough money to give them a good, and healthy life. The children will have to start working in order to end their family’s poverty. Child labor is rising in Syria, and it’s spreading to countries near by Syria for example, Lebanon. In the streets of Beirut, you can see Syrian child laborers working to earn some money. The Syrian children are not living in safe homes, and are not going to school. Instead, they are dying and are not living like children are supposed to live.

  6. Dear Bashar Al- Assad,

  7. Dear Bashar Al Assad, You are invited to a peace conference to talk about the issue going on in Syria. In article 27, in the Children Rights Charter, it says that the children should have a safe place to live, and the parents should be allowed to take responsibility, however we don’t think you are following this in Syria. We invited you to talk about a solution to create peace for your country. We encourage you to take part in this conference because, we are worried about the future of Syria. Do you think letting your government fight against the civilians with chemical weapons is a way to end the protest? They’re fighting for their rights and if you don’t give them the rights that they deserve then, they’re going to destroy the country. That’s not a way to solve the issues therefore we encourage you to take part in this conference so we can end the violence. What you are doing to your citizens is very dangerous and they are dying. If you care about the future of Syria, and don’t want anything to fall apart then, you should join this conference where we will give you advice on how to fix the problems in Syria. Countries are helping you, and you should accept their help not to buy more weapons for the government to use against the civilians but to make Syria a better place and to fix the damages the problems have led to. Please think about it and join/take part in this important meeting. Thanks, Nasiba, Samar, Andrew and Hadi..

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