Federal policy update 2010 capitol hill day priorities
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Federal Policy Update: 2010 Capitol Hill Day Priorities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Federal Policy Update: 2010 Capitol Hill Day Priorities. Capitol Hill Day Materials: www.endhomelessness.org/2010HillDay. Introduction Hill Day Logistics Capitol Hill Day Policy Agenda Appropriations: Update, Talking Points, Action Needed McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Grants

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Federal policy update 2010 capitol hill day priorities

Federal Policy Update: 2010 Capitol Hill Day Priorities

Capitol Hill Day Materials:


Today s agenda


Hill Day Logistics

Capitol Hill Day Policy Agenda

Appropriations: Update, Talking Points, Action Needed

McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Grants

Section 8

SAMHSA Homeless Services

Runaway and Homeless Youth Act

3.Authorizing Bills: Update, Talking Points, Action

Comprehensive Legislation to End Veteran Homelessness

National Housing Trust Fund

4. Questions

Today’s Agenda

Hill day logistics

Thank you State Captains for organizing Hill Day!

Contact Sumeet Singh, (ssingh@naeh.org / 202-942-8259) for info about participating in Congressional visits.

Conference “Advocacy Track” Agenda can be found on the Capitol Hill Day Info Page – www.endhomelessness.org/2010HillDay

Hill Day Logistics

Capitol hill day policy agenda

Reflects critical issues being considered AS WE SPEAK

Issues we can impact at the time of the conference

Issues you have been working on for several months

Capitol Hill Day Policy Agenda

Capitol hill day policy agenda1

Several policies are moving forward

Prioritizing issues for each meeting is CRITICAL

Less issues = more progress

Capitol Hill Day Policy Agenda

Capitol hill day policy agenda2

Deciding on an issue:

Is your Senator or Representative on a committee considering one of these policies?

What have they supported in the past?

We can help you find this info!

Capitol Hill Day Policy Agenda

Appropriations mckinney

Provide $2.4 billion for McKinney programs in FY 2011

Latest Update:

Administration proposed $2.055 billion (10% increase)

House T-HUD Subcommittee “marked up” and voted on its bill on Thursday, July 1, which provides $2.055 billion

Senate T-HUD Subcommittee still drafting its bill

Appropriations: McKinney

Appropriations mckinney1
Appropriations: McKinney

  • House T-HUD Members

    • Thank you! Please work to provide increased funding

  • All other Representatives

    • Please work throughout the process to increase funding level

  • Senate T-HUD Subcommittee members

    • Provide $2.4 billion in FY 2011

  • All other Senators

    • Ask T-HUD Chair/RM to provide $2.4 billion

Appropriations mckinney2

Talking Points

Without enough funding, less money for new CoC projects or HPRP-like activities

How do you use McKinney and HPRP funds currently?

One-time big increase to fully implement HEARTH Act

new ESG program = 18 percent increase;

new rural program = 2 percent increase;

Project renewals = 5 percent increase; and

Community-based oversight and administration = 3 percent increase

National/local declines in homelessness

Appropriations: McKinney

Appropriations housing and services demo
Appropriations: Housing and Services Demo

Housing and Services for Homeless Persons Demonstration

10,000 Vouchers ($85 million)

4,000 units for Chronic Homelessness

$16 million services funding from SAMHSA

Applicants would have to commit to using Medicaid resources

6,000 units for homeless and at-risk families

Applicants would have to commit TANF resources

Appropriations housing and services demo1
Appropriations: Housing and Services Demo


House T-HUD Appropriations Subcommittee included $85 million for Demo.

Senate has not acted yet

Labor/HHS/Education Subcommittees have not acted yet on the $16 million for SAMHSA

Thank House T-HUD Appropriators for including $85 million

Ask Senate T-HUD to include $85 million and House and Senate Labor/HHS Appropriators to include $16 million for SAMHSA

Appropriations section 8
Appropriations: Section 8

Administration requested enough funding to renew existing vouchers, and possibly a little extra.

10,000 for Housing and Services Demo

No new VASH, FUP, or disability vouchers

New Transforming Rental Assistance Initiative

House T-HUD appropriators included roughly what the Administration requested for Voucher renewals.

10,000 for Housing and Services Demo

10,000 new VASH Vouchers

No funding for Transforming Rental Assistance

Appropriations section 81
Appropriations: Section 8

National Campaign to double voucher program over 10 years—200,000 new vouchers per year.

Ask your Members of Congress to significantly expand Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program this year and in future years.

Appropriations samhsa
Appropriations: SAMHSA


  • Provide $120 million for SAMHSA Homeless Services programs in FY 2011, including $15.8 million for Homeless Initiative Program

    Latest Update

  • Administration proposed $87 million

  • House and Senate HHS Subcommittees drafting bills

    Specific Ask

  • HHS Appropriations Subcommittee members: provide $120 million, including $15.8 million for Homeless Initiative Program

  • All other Members of Congress: Ask Chair/RM of HHS Subcommittee to provide $120 million

Appropriations samhsa1
Appropriations: SAMHSA

Talking Points

  • Local URGENCY for services funding for PSH

  • Difficulty in creating PSH due to lack of services funding

  • Use of Medicaid funds in supportive housing

  • Cost-effectiveness data

  • High level of interest and capacity by providers

Rhya talking points the numbers

In 2009, SOP teams make contact with over 800,000 youth nationwide

About 41,000 received shelter and 4,000 entered Transition Living Programs

Over 7,500 were denied shelter or housing in 2009 due to lack of capacity

73% entered shelter directly from parent or guardian’s home

RHYA Talking Points – The Numbers

Talking points who can do what

Labor-Heath-Education Subcommittee handles RHYA nationwide

House support from:

KY, IL, PA, WA, MN, WI, FL, TX, and OH

Senate support from:

NJ, CT, MI, RI, OH, IL, MD, NY, OR, and MN

Need to develop Congressional champions to bring youth housing to scale and benefits of family counseling to keep youth safely in homes

Talking Points – Who can do what?

Runaway and homeless youth act

Currently funded at $116 million nationwide

Funds Basic Center, Transitional Living, and Street Outreach Programs

Administered by DHHS through Family &Youth Services Bureau (FYSB)

$49 million dollar increase focused on specific programs and research

Part of Federal Housing Policy Campaign to End Homeless for 50,000 Youth

Runaway and Homeless Youth Act

Authorizations comprehensive veteran legislation

Priority nationwide

Enact comprehensive legislation, such as Zero Tolerance for Veteran Homelessness Act, to end veteran homelessness. The legislation should:

Establish a comprehensive homelessness prevention and rapid re-housing program at VA;

Authorize an expansion of the Department of Housing and Urban Development-VA Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) program to serve 60,000 veterans and their families; and

Improve data collection on the extent of homelessness among veterans.

Latest Update

Senate VA Committee passed S. 1237, which included ZTVHA

House passed H.R. 4810, which establishes a prevention program

Two bills may go to conference together

Authorizations: Comprehensive Veteran Legislation

Authorizations comprehensive veteran legislation1

Specific Ask: nationwide

Senators: Pass ZTVHA

Representatives: Enact comprehensive legislation to end homelessness among veterans, such as ZTVHA

Talking Points:

Scope of veteran homelessness in your community

Data to describe the positive impact of local HUD-VASH vouchers.

Veterans in your community could benefit from a continuum of housing options for veterans, depending on their needs and the depth of their housing crisis

Authorizations: Comprehensive Veteran Legislation

Authorizations nhtf
Authorizations: NHTF nationwide


  • Provide $1 billion to capitalize NHTF

    Latest Update

  • Administration proposed $1 billion mandatory allocation

  • House passed H.R. 4213 with $1 billion for NHTF

  • Senate hasn’t been able to pass H.R. 4213

    Specific Ask

  • Work with the Administration to approve a $1 billion mandatoryallocation for the NHTF.

Authorizations nhtf1
Authorizations: NHTF nationwide

Talking Points

  • Importance of rental housing affordable to ELI households

  • Would increase access to housing for those experiencing or most at risk of homelessness

  • State allocation – www.nhtf.org

Federal policy update 2010 capitol hill day priorities

Capitol Hill Day Materials: nationwide


For more information, contact:

Amanda Krusemark Sumeet Singh


202-942-8256 202-942-8259