darwin the man b ehind the theory of evolution
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Darwin: The Man B ehind the Theory of Evolution

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Darwin: The Man B ehind the Theory of Evolution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Darwin: The Man B ehind the Theory of Evolution. 7 th Grade Life Science Mr. P. Charles Darwin: The Youth. He was born Feb. 12 1809 in England. He was the son of a well-known physician. Darwin was kicked out of school because of his bad grades Darwin’s mother died while he

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charles darwin the youth
Charles Darwin: The Youth
  • He was born Feb. 12 1809 in England. He was the son of a well-known physician.
  • Darwin was kicked out of school

because of his bad grades

  • Darwin’s mother died while he

was 8 years old

charles darwin the man
Charles Darwin: The Man
  • He dropped out of medical school because he could not stand the sight of blood
  • He then pursued a life in the Church, but did not find it interesting
  • He became interested in studying beetles and reading scientific findings
charles darwin the scientist
Charles Darwin: The scientist
  • Charles Darwin sailed aboard the HMS Beagle. He was the naturalist aboard the ship, which sailed around the world.
  • He was horribly sea sick the entire trip
  • He stopped anywhere he could and made amazing discoveries
charles darwin the scientist1
Charles Darwin: The Scientist
  • He kept careful notebooks of the voyage and his findings
charles darwin his voyage
Charles Darwin: His Voyage
  • He made several stops, but he is most famous for his findings from an island off the coast of Ecuador named the Galapagos islands.
charles darwin the scientist3
Charles Darwin: The Scientist
  • On the Galapagos, he found diverse organisms, such as finches, which had different beak sizes for the different types of food they eat.
charles darwin the scientist4
Charles Darwin: The Scientist
  • He also found different species of Tortoises, which had different neck sizes to reach different food sources.
charles darwin the scientist5
Charles Darwin: The Scientist
  • Once home, he looked at the data he collected and came up with his theory of Natural Selection in his famous book Origin of Species.
charles darwin the scientist6
Charles Darwin: The Scientist
  • Darwin also looked at pigeon breeding, which is a form of Selective Breeding and is the basis for how we breed dogs.
charles darwin the legacy
Charles Darwin: The Legacy
  • Darwin’s theory of natural selection is the basis for modern biology and is the foundation of how we study nature.



the inspiration
The inspiration
  • While in the Galapagos, Darwin saw that the tortoises showed variationof characteristics.
the inspiration1
The inspiration
  • Darwin saw that animals adaptedto their environment in the Galapagos.
the theory
The Theory
  • Natural Selection is the process for which individuals withtraits that are better suited for the environment are more likely to survivelonger and reproducemore successfully than those individuals without these traits
natural selectio n
Natural Selection
  • Adaptations are the inherited traitsthat increase an organism’s chance of surviving and reproducingin a particular environment.
the main outcome
The main outcome….
  • The outcome of natural selection is diversityof life