britain in the 70 s n.
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Britain in the 70’s

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Britain in the 70’s - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Britain in the 70’s. Fashion. 1970 Hippie chic 1973 Glam rock 1975 Disco style 1976

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Hippie chic 1973

Glam rock



style 1976


Influenced by the 60’s, hippie

chic was a mix of floaty dresses,

Tie dye, flares and ethnic influences.

Glam rock started in the uk and was a

mix of tight glittery clothes and crazy make-up.

Known for platform shoes, bellbottom

Pants and clingy shiny materials.

Made popular by british designer Vivienne Westwood

Punk was a mix of ripped jeans, leather and metal.

kate bush wuthering heights youtube
Kate Bush Wuthering Heights. - YouTube


John Lennon, popular

in the early 70’s hippie


Queen, popular from the

early 70’s glam rock era.

The Pistols, a punk band popular

towards the late 70’s.

Kate Bush, alternative music artist, mid 70’s.


A popular doll for girls was

Sindy. She was a British made

doll similar to Barbie.

For boys Action Man was

Popular, similar to G.I Joe

in the U.S.

One of the most p

In the U.K Chopper bikes were very

fashionable in the 70’s.



Children didn’t have

things like Tablets or

PSP’s, so they played games

like Simon.

They read

comics, such as

Dandy and Beano.

The Space

Hopper was also


the wombles wombling song youtube button moon youtube rainbow full theme youtube
The Wombles - Wombling Song - YouTubeButton Moon – YouTubeRainbow - Full Theme - YouTube
top of the pops 70s 17 michael jackson 5 rockin robin youtube
*Top Of The Pops 70s*-#17. (Michael)Jackson 5-Rockin´Robin - YouTube

Top of the pops was a music programme made for older

children and teenagers.

  • Grange Hill 1978 intro (HQ) - YouTube

Grange Hill was a programme about life in secondary

School, made for older children and teenagers.

mining crisis in the u k
Miningcrisis in the U.K.

Striking also meant there

was a petrol shortage .

Due to the crisis, coal

miners started to strike

which meant that Britain

had energy shortages.

Magaret Thatcher

was Britains first

female priminister

elected in 1979.

she eventually closed most of the mines in the U.K.

Lots of people held

demonstrations about

the crisis and closure of

the coal mines.

Many families

depended on mining

and were plunged into

poverty when the mines

were closed.