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2 minute edit. I’ts common knowledge that texas is the largest state. I could’nt hear jessica because she mumbled. Title : What About Me? Author : Ed Young Genre : Fable (Narrative) Reading Goal : Identify the theme of the story. Team Cooperation Goal : Help and Encourage Others.

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2 minute edit
2 minute edit

  • I’ts common knowledge that texas is the largest state.

  • I could’nt hear jessica because she mumbled.

2 minute edit

Title: What About Me?

Author:Ed Young

Genre:Fable (Narrative)

Reading Goal: Identify the theme of the story.

Team Cooperation Goal: Help and Encourage Others

Team cooperation goal
Team Cooperation Goal

  • Help and Encourage Others

  • What does this mean?

Review vocabulary with your partner
Review Vocabulary with your Partner

  • Day 3

  • Partner A: 1-4

  • Partner B: 5-8

-Can you say the word?

-Do you know what it means?

-Can you use it in a sentence?

  • Add page numbers to your vocabulary words as you read daily!


Something learned

“Use the knowledge you have gotten in math class to do your best on the test,” Mr. Green said.


More than enough

“Of course you can have some candy,” Brook said. “I have plenty for everyone.”



Tanya built a fence to keep her animals from straying.


Spoke unclearly

“Please speak up,” Ray said. “You mumbled and I couldn’t understand you.”



Grandma was stunned when she saw her whole family gathered for her party.


Store owner

Gordon asked the merchant if there were any jobs he could do at the store.

Listening comprehension
Listening Comprehension

I Have a Sister My Sister is Deaf by Jeanne Whitehouse Peterson.

  • As I read I want you to look for clues from the story that support (prove) the theme (moral), “people are special in different ways.”

  • What details support the theme that

    the sister is special in a different way?

  • What other themes, or big ideas, do you think

    the author wants us to learn?

  • Pgs. 19-end

Now let s look at your book
Now let’s look at your book

  • What About Me? By Ed Young

  • This story is a fable

  • A fable is a story that teaches us

    a lesson. (Anansi the Spider)

Think pair share
Think Pair Share

  • What has happened in What About Me? so far?

  • What do you think will happen next?

  • What is a good question we can ask about the story so far?

  • Mine is: What does the carpenter want?

Preview team talk pg 15
Preview Team Talkpg. 15

  • Team Talk question #3 focuses on our reading goal: Theme

Partner reading 1 5 minutes
Partner Reading – 15 minutes

Partner Read- Page 54 and 55

  • As you read, stop to clarify

  • Retellwhat your partner read about

  • Ask questions and write them on your checklist

    Silently Read – Page 56 and 57

  • Practice fluency on page 48 and 49 if finished early

Team discussion
Team Discussion

  • Clarify sticky words with your team

  • You MUST have AT LEAST one clarification

  • Share your two best questions

  • Discuss the team talk questions

  • Write your answers to # 1 and 4

Team discussion1
Team Discussion

  • Vocabulary Practice: page15

  • If finished, practice fluency on page 48 and 49

Class discussion
Class Discussion

  • What was something you clarified?

  • What were your 2 best questions?

  • Let’s look at our answers for the team talk questions